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Simply Vauxhall Beaulieu 12th Sept 2020

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--- Quote from: Doctor Gollum on 13 September 2020, 22:50:05 ---Looks like there was a pretty broad spectrum of cars there :y

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Yes, and because they were parked with a sensible distance between each car, and without any real demarcation between types, there was less of the tribe mentality that you get with some events, which made wandering around and chatting to owners very pleasant.


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--- Quote from: Doctor Gollum on 09 September 2020, 22:16:20 ---You're assuming it's not canned :-X

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Not yet.  Autobahnstormers are meeting at Rownhams Services on M27 West/Southbound at 9.00am.
If anyone who is going has got a Tech 2 they can bring, I have got an airbag light that I would like switched off. Thanks.

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We keep managing to avoid each other, despite being only 20-30 mins apart. One day ;D

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I managed to get someone to plug his Tech 2 into Y11VXL on Saturday at the Beaulieu show and turn off my airbag light, so although I may need your expertise in future and thanks for the offer, there is no longer an immediate need.

Doctor Gollum:


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