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Wanted - pfl 3.0 Elite - why


Iím looking for a stable mate for my pfl MV6 so thought Iíd look for a pfl Elite.

Condition and mileage not too important. Most things considered

Iím located East Yorkshire, so prefer something than Dorset or Inverness

You have just missed the one from VX Heritage collection, auctioned a few days ago!

Good luck with the search. I haven't looked but have you some photos of the MV6?

Yea bid on the heritage one and watched it through.

Probably right money to be honest but too expensive for me - considering itíll need a bit spending on it to future proof running it.

Iíll put some more pics up on gallery of the MV6. Although struggle on this site to get pics on.

Need a moderator to move this to the wanted section 👍


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