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My best friends demise,

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my good pal in York that I drank with almost every Saturday night for years was taking his son some where & whilst in the car started to feel ill, so much so that his son took him to the A&E. sadly he never came out. he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia. he was given 3 blood transfusions but nothing worked.  when his wife went to see him on the Monday she was told that he wouldnt last the  week. he died on the Wednesday. when he was first admitted his prognosis was he had covid. i believe there was a delay in getting the blood test results because of staffing problems due to the Queens jubilee, though poor sod would not have survived anyway. life is sh*t sometimes

Field Marshal Dr. Opti:
None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

Quite often people worry about one thing or another and it is something completely different that takes them into the next world.

Lizzie Zoom:
That is very sad, but when our time is up it is no matter what we try and do to stop it. :'( :'(

Just shows how the life we have is so precious and should be valued no matter what shit is happening else where around us ;)

Sir Tigger QC:
Sorry to hear about your mate Ray.  :(

When someone has a relatively quick end like this though, I always think it's a kind of blessing that they didn't suffer for months or even years on end like some sadly do before they go.  :-\

Migv6 le Frog Fan:
MIL was taken to hospital with a stroke about 10 days ago. She is strong as a horse and within a couple of days was almost back to normal and they were starting to organise sending her home.
Then her oxygen levels dropped and tests showed she had now picked up Pneumonia in hospital.
Now in ICU and FIL was told today they dont think she is going to get better.
You just never know......


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