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Hello - Lossy here

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I have of course joined this forum because I have a problem, But I am from Southern England and was happy to see a Omega forum, shocked I did not know about it
since I have had Carltons and then moved on to Omegas (Reluctantly).

I have a 2.6 Y26SE which has had the engine management light on for 3 years normally coming on at high acceleration or > 100 mph.
I am not new to Vauxhall Omegas and have had ~ 7 or 8 in the past, but always 2.6 V6s and 3.0 V6s

The fault says I have a MAF issue which I was replace just before I bought it for 700 and I also took it to get replaced which did not fix it.
I then took it to a Vauxhall garage this year to get it service/AC fixed/ MAF fixed and a new key. They broke the Oil filter cover and just serviced it and charged me 600
No air con fix/no spare key and said the ECU/ECM might be broken and they cannot fix it because the car is too old :(

Does anyone know how to use Temp-2 or "My Naff Code Reader" to clone the ECU and also get the security code out of the ECU I have on the car?
I do have a Y26SE donor ECU.
The car has become very unhappy with the new E10 petrol so have to use E5 petrol, but it still does not like that either. The car has only done 65,000 miles and I do not want
to throw another one away to the scrap yard.

When I took it to the main dealers I knew it would be bad, as the last Omega I took to a main dealer they serviced it as a 4 cylinder car and said it was running really rough.
I opened the bonnet and asked them if the two spark plugs sitting in the engine bay was something to do with the miss fires.
I was expecting the bill to be ~ 2000 and would have been happy with that if they had fixed something, but since I have never been a fan of servicing a vehicle and I used to do ~ 70,000 miles
a year getting things serviced used to be too time consuming. So I used to buy a Vauxhall with ~ 50,000 miles and take it to 140,000-150,000 then scrap it ensuring I keep the winter tyres.

Any help with the ECU/ECM would be much appreciated. I bought the Temp-2 ODBII diagnostic machine and "My Naff Code Reader" just for this reason to reset or clone the ECU.

Noticed I broke the rules on Help- I will post in it the relevant section
But great to see such good topics in discussions

dave the builder:
Welcome to the forum  :)
sounds like your Omega needs looking at by someone who knows what they are doing .
many people use a chap called Serk at SAS
I doubt you have an ECU issue ,if you do then you need the car security pass (available from a vauxhall dealer if you have the log book, proof of ID and about 60  :o for a scrap of paper with the security codes on  :-X

anyway , welcome ,there's lots of helpful and knowledgeable Omega and ex omega owners here   :)

Hello and welcome to OOF :y

Mr Skrunts:
Hi, welcome to the forum.  :y


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