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My '99 CD 2.5 Petrol

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Metallic Black, Cream Leather, manual 2.5V6 petrol. One of the last pre-facelift to go out as a late '99 registered model.

Exterior mods include:

Colour coded 'eyebrows' for the headlights, 2 tone colour coded grille - chrome over painted.

Interior mods: HID upgrade to 4300K lamps, K&N Hi-Flow Panel filter.

No oil additives, no widgets, no chips.

Changed headunit to Sony CD/MD changer - no room at back to used the 'adapter' for the steering wheel controls  >:(

TomTom sat nav on a PDA to help me get lost.

Does a comfortable 8.5 second 0-60 when empty, no idea what the top speed is... :-/

Nice, like the colour coded grill and eyebrows 8-)

Another tidy looking car :)

Makes me feel I should wash mine :(

Any pics of the interior?

Nice motor!

My Meega is first reg 2000 but is pre facelift!!  First reg in Northern Ireland so think there lays the answer!


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