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Getting an avatar on the forum.


It seems that many members have mastered the posting of images on the forum via Photobucket but still struggle when it comes to using their own custom avatar.
The two are very similar tasks but have to be done slightly differently depending what you want the picture to do. So if you can post a picture on the forum, you can add an avatar.
First of all find the picture you want as an avatar on your computer, if the picture is on a webpage right click and save it to your computer.
Next open Photobucket and log into your PB account.

Now log in to your forum account click User CP, then Profile, then options.
You should be asked to confirm your forum password.
Type it in and click the confirm password button.

Now check one of your posts and your shiny new avatar should be there for all to see.

And ensure that there is only 1 http:// at the beginning of the URL - this is the biggest fault we see...


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