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So who are we all - Meet and Greet

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New forum so maybe we should all go round the table and say a little bit about ourselves....

Maybe i should start.

Okay so i am 31, married with one child, 2 wee dogs a gold fish and a horse!

Work in management of Contact Centres and long for the day i can retire ( at 40) and play with engines and play at golf.

Drive the MV6 which i accidentlly bought and then couldnt part with. V reg pre facelift.

Buy all my cars at auctions as a bargain including my wifes volvo v5 engined Safrane, my Dads current Mitsi Galant and my 3 project cars. Total cars in the garage 5. More on that elsewhere and later.

Rovers are my thing and Omegas still scare me a bit - but with the help of the gurus on here, i am learning. I have taught myself about cars so obviously still huge gaps in the knowledge - particularly regarding auto electrics.

Avid football fan as well as being into me motors.

So who else do we have?

ps should say i am almost a dealer  16 cars sold last year, 5 sold this year, 3 stripped and one being renovated.

Right here goes.

I'm 37, married with 3 kids eldest is 11 years, youngest is 10 months. Bit of a gap i know but i thought my s3x life was over as well. [smiley=shocked.gif]
Structural designer by trade but currently working in the water industry.
Home is in the north of scotland, so if I see the sun I usually go from blue to grey in colour.
My knowledge of vehicles is very limited, and only consists of what I have been through to get my own Omega though various MOTs. But I'll chip in if I think i can help.
I'm more of a voyeur.
I found you guys on Vxon at the beginning of the year and since then have been an avid reader.

Steve W:
Hi. I'm Steve, obviously.

Single with my own house and I live in Somerset.

Work as a Ford/ Mazda parts advisor

Currently driving:

1988 Mercedes 300se
1995 Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6
1994 Nissan Sunny 1.4L
1988 Range Rover 3.5 V8

Currently sitting at home awaiting fixing:

1998 Omega 3.0 MV6 Estate

Currently sitting at work awaiting scrapping:

1996 Ford Mondeo 1.8 LX

Hi, my name is Steve and I,m an alcoho....sorry, wrong forum.

I'm 53, married to Mo who is a headteacher and drives an MGZT190. One sprog called Ben who has aspergers syndrome so keeps me on my toes!

I find it very strange that I am contributing to a forum dedicated solely to omegas, as if I'd found the forum before I bought the car I'd probably never have bought the car, if you see what I mean.

My knowledge of modern cars is very limited and I hanker for the days when I could climb in with the engine on my triumph herald.(Yes,you really could. Both wings lifted staight up and the engine was about the size of a sewing machine) Ahhh.. those were the days.

Later,Steve :)

Well I'm 43 married, 3 children - a know it all 8 year old teenage girl who is 9 in August, 6 year old twin boys - possibly identical.

I have quite a few hobbies, I have modified a few vehicles, including my first proper bike - a tuned Suzuki GP100 (sport), a souped up Chrysler Sunbeam. I also like modelling, both plastic aircraft kits, and model railways.

I am an electronics addict and have a large collection of Beta VCRs, a decent home cinema setup, good video camera and have made and sold my own DVDs.

I also have a first generation IDTV!!!!

My last 5 cars have been big Vauxhalls, prior to that I ran the above Sunbeam


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