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Author Topic: V6 aircon compressor removal/replacement.  (Read 6069 times)

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V6 aircon compressor removal/replacement.
« on: 18 July 2013, 09:58:08 »

As its hot weather at the moment, getting working aircon is always a bonus.  The gas on mine leaked out at the connector block.  Probably no more than failed doughty washers but replaced the compressor unit with a known good one as well as new washers.  Took a few happy snaps when reassembling and used them in a rearranged manner into an aircon compressor removal ‘Howtoo’.  Car is a 2002 MY 3.2 v6 but other v6's much the same.

1)    As always, safety is paramount.  When working beneath a car, always ensure its in gear (or park if auto), handbrake on and working and wheels chocked before jacking up and placing it on axle stands.  Do not work beneath a car thats resting on the jack only.

2)   Likewise, the gas contained within the aircon system is not for breathing and it does damage both you and the ozone layer.  Get it degassed properly and safely.  The gas in mine escaped over time due to a leaking seal and system was already empty.

3)   Remove the underbody shield that sits in front of the sump.  4 bolt headed screws, 8mm socket or spanner required.

4)   Remove multiram assembly/ bagpipes from front of engine to improve access.  Compressor unit will come out this route.  See other guides for method.  Its straightforward enough, couple of screws and couple of hoseclips.  Once removed, access is vastly improved.

5)   15 mm socket on a lever bar onto aux belt tensioner on top left of belt run.  Apply clockwise pressure to relieve tension and slip belt off a pulley.  Carefully release tension and remove belt.

6)   Remove bolt securing ‘P’ clip holding aircon hose to bracket beside water pump. This will allow the aux belt to be removed and improve access.  Leave it to the side if you wish, your choice.

7)    Slacken and remove bolt securing pipe assembly to top of compressor.  Access is very limited and only really viable from the top.  Using a torch, look down to the top of the compressor, down the side of the battery, whilst standing at the front passenger wheel. 

Its the 15 mm bolt head in the centre of the picture. 

I used a 3/8 drive socket set with a knuckle at the end of a long extension.  Access is tight but doable.  I think its easier to slacken/tighten this when the compressor is tightly bolted to the engine.

8 )   Slacken and remove2 of the 3 E14 torx bolts securing compressor to the front of the engine.  Leave one in place but loose by several turns to prevent it falling when you remove the other 2 at the rear. (step 11)

9)   Underneath again, disconnect the electrical connector and tuck safely out the way to aid refitting the compressor later.

10)   Unscrew the E10 torx holding the braided earth wire and remove the P clip releasing the hoses. 

11)   Remove the two E12 torx screws to the rear of the compressor. 

12)   Remove last loose bolt at front and remove pump.

13)    Find both old doughty washers.  Mine remained on the hose clamp block. 

14)   Old and new washers on top of the old compressor.  Leaking fluorescent dye just visable. 

15)   Put replacement washers onto hose clamp block.  Having rubber insides, they slip onto the metal stubs reasonably firmly and should remain safely in place.

16)   Replace compressor gently onto place.  Jiggling the hoses will be required at the same time.  Ensure electrical wiring not snagged.

17)   Replace 3 front bolts and screw in place to hand tight only.

18)   Replace 2 rear bolts and tighten.  Restricted access and fiddly.
19)   Refit electrical connector as well as braided earth strap and hose P clip.

20)   Tighten 3 bolts at front.

21)   Refit top hose assembly.  Again fiddly but carefull perseverance wins.  Ensure doughty washers in place and carefully tighten ensuring stubs go into holes in compressor and block clamps squarely to compressor top.

22)   Replace aux belt.

23)   Replace bolt on P clip and hose.

24)   Replace multiram bagpipes.

25)   Refill refrigerant, test and enjoy!
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