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Author Topic: Removing an Omega battery.  (Read 5806 times)

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Removing an Omega battery.
« on: 18 January 2015, 21:04:01 »

Tools required:

1 x 10 mm spanner.
1 x 13 mm socket.
1 x 6" extension bar.
1 x ratchet drive to fit socket/extension.

How to:

1. Open bonnet and loosen both battery terminals, to allow quick removal of the leads further on.
2. Ignition on, then off.
3. Pull the key and leave the drivers door open with the keys safely in your pocket.
4. Lift negative terminal clamp off. Place to one side. This must be done within 30 seconds of opening the bonnet in order to prevent the power sounder (If still fitted) sounding.
5. Lift positive terminal clamp off. Place to one side.
6. Remove the battery cover, if fitted. If no cover, skip to 7.
7. Locate the clamp nut on the battery tray. About halfway along the battery tray.
8. Unscrew and remove the bolt and clamp.
9. Slide the battery towards the centre of the engine bay and lift it out.

Refitting is the reverse of removal, but start with the battery resting on the engine side of the battery tray. Push the battery towards the fuse box.

Takes about five mins to do.
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