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Author Topic: Changing the ABS ECU - A different way  (Read 3981 times)

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Changing the ABS ECU - A different way
« on: 05 October 2015, 21:06:47 »

Here is the sequence Terry Paget recommended :

Here is my procedure to change the ABS ECU.

1. Unclip fuseholders above battery; remove battery.
2. Drain power steering fluid reservoir, remove reservoir. Try not to spill fluid on ABS ECU.
3. Release ABS metal hoses from clips on bulkhead behind ABS unit.
4. Unplug ABS ECU multiplug by pulling purple locking clip towards wing while wiggling connector.
5. Loosen 13mm ABS outside locating nut; remove 13mm inside locating nut and bend back heat shield to release ABS locating bolt.
6. Grasp ECU assembly firmly, raise it a bit to release it, then tilt front upwards to give access to ECU retaining screws. Support raised end.
7. Remove 6 torx screws holding ECU to ABS unit.. Remove ECU. As you remove it, unplug cable beneath ECU to motor.

This is what I actually did/had to do ..

1. Just before starting work .. .

2. So, battery out ..

3. It was obvious more room would be needed as I could not access the Power steering reservoir jubilee clips, so LPG supply pipe to passenger bank removed, three large electrical plugs removed, small wires to both battery lugs removed, the earth cable to beside the funny plug in the triangular box, and the connector with a single black wire in the triangular box removed. One wire had to be removed from the auxiliary fuse box, this was the end one with the purple fuse, simply remove the fuse then pull the green socket forward, it slides out of the lugs and is then loose. This allowed all the ancillary electrics to be folded back across the engine giving a clearer view. All the cables from the triangular box go back with the big rubber grommet, leaving a nice clear space

4. I was then able to remove the power steering reservoir. It was obvious to me that I could not even see the lower bolts on the ABS ECU, let alone gain access to the end of the ABS electrical connector, so I removed the single bolt that holds those three large coloured sockets in place and folded them back under the battery tray. I then drained the radiator and removed the large pipe from the engine to the top of the radiator. I was then able to get a screwdriver onto the end of the purple connector and remove the electrical plug to the ABS ECU. That plug became the bane of my life .. it is not long enough to move out of the way and just kept running interference on the job !!

5. Loosening the outer bolt and undoing the inner bolt that holds the ABS assembly in place sounds easy .. neither "bolt" is captive and as soon as I moved the assembly both fell out and took a long time "fishing" with a magnet-on-a-stick to recover .. :( I would suggest removing them as you undo them. The inner heat shield is fairly robust and took some pushing before it moved enough to move the ABS assembly

6. I was very surprised, and quite worried, about how high the front of the ABS assembly had to be lifted to gain access to the lower two bolts. The pesky plug kept getting in the way and eventually I just thought "sod it" and went for it .. long steady pull and pray the brake pipes remain intact .... eventually I got it high enough, I then slid a long tyre lever in under it to hold it steady, both to keep the plug out of the way and to try and stop any movement that would be more stress on the pipes

7. With all six bolts out, and the lower plug disconnected, the ECU came off quite easily.

8. Reassembly really was the reverse of removal, just don't make my mistake of doing all the electrics before the power steering reservoir !!  Do the ECU to ABS unit, then refit the whole ABS assembly, again a long steady movement of the unit puts less stress on the pipes. Then refit the Power Steering Reservoir, then the big plug assembly back to the battery box, then the coolant pipe, then ALL the electrics, to the triangular box, the auxiliary fuse box and the three big plugs, then the battery and all the small connections to the lugs. Refill the power steering reservoir (Dex II). Refill the radiator (50/50 antifreeze mix)

Not the most technically demanding job in the world, and very few tools needed, but a complete pain in the a*** to do as very little space and if you drop anything it takes an age, and a lot of swearing, to recover it.

Many thanks to Terry for the outline of the job .. perhaps I didn't do everything the easiest way, but I did what I did and it got the job jobbed ... eventually.

If you have to do this .. it needs patience and time, otherwise it is not too difficult.

Hope this helps :)  E
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