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Sue Gray.

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Migv6 le Frog Fan:
The top Civil Servant who led the partygate enquiry into Boris and his buddies, and ultimately brought about his downfall has resigned from her job.
She has resigned so she can take up a new job - Chief of staff to Kier Starmer. Basically to prepare him and his shadow cabinet for Government.
A conspiracy ? Nah, this is Britain. We dont have things like that happen here.  ::)
Boris was still an idiot for putting himself in the position where they could bring him down though, just for the sake of a glass or two of fizz.

Sir Tigger KC:
It stinks!  ::)

And yet they think we know nothing about it ffs

Kevin Wood:
I'm sure this is all just pure coincidence. ::)

Breaking news: Politics is a dirty game.


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