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 on: Today at 14:13:56 
Started by Steveh - Last post by Steveh
My new cam cover came today from Poland it seems very good quality and all as it should be. I won't be fitting it yet as my old one is still oil tight.

 on: Today at 14:09:59 
Started by Andy B - Last post by Andy B
Is this a common well known fault of the breed, ...

Not that I know of  :-\

 on: Today at 13:44:28 
Started by Andy B - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
I removed a wheel to clean off all the old goo from previous balance weights. When it was all nice & clean I found this ...  :(


Is this a common well known fault of the breed, or unusual? :-\

 on: Today at 13:31:41 
Started by Rangie - Last post by Rangie
Picked the Range Rover up this morning after service & MOT , the indie showed me the diagnostic report which read " no faults present" even he admitted that's a rare sight on a Land Rover all filters changed + fresh oil & brake fluid change 556.04 I'm happy with that 😎

 on: Today at 12:45:25 
Started by Migalot - Last post by STEMO
If you use contactless payments all of the time, you are contributing to the death of cash. I use a mix of cards and cash, to try and keep the supply of it going.

Decline in cash use eases after pandemic slump

 on: Today at 12:35:14 
Started by Raeturbo - Last post by Migv6 le Frog Fan
Mine too.  :y
As long as I can be the man who pulls the lever / throws the switch / pulls the trigger / operates the  Black & Decker with 10mm wood bit fitted*.  >:D

* cheaper than bullets but has the same effect, albeit more slowly.
When you're in my cabinet, you will be overworked in that role.  Speed will be of the essence....

Never been afraid of a bit of graft. Especially in a good cause.  :y :D

 on: Today at 12:07:34 
Started by Raeturbo - Last post by Raeturbo
I think impaling could be a could deterrent. Nothing can be cruel enough for this type of scum.

 on: Today at 11:45:09 
Started by Raeturbo - Last post by Rangie
My farmer mate will dispose of the bodies to his pigs, so no funeral costs , just thinking of the taxpayer, and as a lot of these murderers seem to be of a certain religion it's the appropriate end for them in my opinion ending up as pig shit.

 on: Today at 11:11:49 
Started by Glykolpeter - Last post by Enceladus
I solved the o-rings for the pipe, called a local shop that was able to get their hands on them! I can post the part numbers if neccessary, don't have them on hand right now tho.
However I checked the coils which was full of oil so it's time for a rocker cover gasket aswell..

Contacted the same shop and they ordered them for me.. but to my surprise they're from Elring  :(
Should I just apply the Elring seal & use a bunch of silicone aswell?
Consult the guide here for details of where to apply sealer. The outside of the corners at the front and the half moons at the rear are the only places you need sealer. Also use the Vauxhall black oil pan sealer, or an equivalent product, listed in the guide. Don't use the green sealer listed in the Haynes manual. It eventually goes hard and crystalized.

Make sure the mating surfaces on the head and the covers are clean. No crud or varnish. The securing screws are tightened to a very low torque. It's important to get them evenly and correctly tightened. If you over tighten then you may distort the covers and they will leak.

 on: Today at 10:53:37 
Started by Migalot - Last post by Raeturbo
Yes the more control they have better for them worse for us.

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