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Topics - Mutha Jugs n Speed

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Another one of my shot in the dark posts ::) looking for the hose that comes from the bulkhead and connects to the auxiliary water pump on the drivers side inner wing. Unfortunately the top end of the hose has a push/pull connector, which makes a Billy Bodge it repair awkward.  ???

General Car Chat / artsoul no1 full inbox.
« on: 31 May 2022, 10:56:17 »
As per title, message waiting ::)

A complete set of 2.2 A/C pipes, just been refurbished by Bee Cool at the cost of 300, I'm not giving them away for free, but I need 50 to help to take away the hurt (don't ask :-[) you can be confident that these have been refurbed properly. They have just done one of my 3.2's and everything is 100%.  Second hand set currently on Fleabay @65....BTW collection only from Reading, Berkshire.

Omega General Help / 3.2 air con pipes.
« on: 17 May 2022, 09:59:10 »
A big ask, but has anyone got any pictures of the complete system. TIA :y

General Discussion Area / Artsoul-no1.
« on: 30 April 2022, 08:25:11 »
You need to clear your waiting. :)

Omega General Help / 3.2 exhaust system.
« on: 02 March 2022, 12:12:41 »
Bit of guidance needed for the 3.2 saloon, I'm looking for the two centre sections and the back box, but all the usual ebay sellers have dropped off the radar. The only ones available are in Poland at the moment.....any ideas for a UK source? tia :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / EGR five pin plug.
« on: 18 December 2021, 13:01:58 »
Shot in the dark this one.......looking for the EGR five pin plug and a length of loom to go with it......this is for a 2000 facelift 3.0. tia :)

Omega General Help / Looking for a relay.
« on: 05 October 2021, 15:27:00 »
I'm a bit stuck, looking for an Omron relay, part number 92181835. It's not for the Omega, but for the VXR8 boot release....the only ones I can find are in China and it's going to be three weeks delivery. I really need it quicker, as the car is due to go to a dealer this weekend to be sold. Any pointers as to where I might find one, would be much appreciated. TIA :y

Omega General Help / Differential spares.
« on: 12 August 2021, 09:10:18 »
  Quick question....would anyone know whether rebuild parts are still available for the 3.0 Omega?  either standard diff or lsd. :)

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / A/C pipes wanted.
« on: 28 July 2021, 15:38:39 »
Bit of a shot in the dark.....looking for a set of A/C pipes for a 3.2 Elite..not butchered or messed with if poss. TIA :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted, front seat floor bolts.
« on: 02 February 2021, 11:32:25 »
As above...need a couple if possible, tried to get a couple on fakebay, but as usual getting messed around. >:(

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / xenon bulb change.
« on: 14 January 2021, 12:34:43 »
Not a job I've done before, but need to do a couple of the cars. Question.....after changing the bulbs, do the headlight beams need to be reset.?TIA :y

Omega General Help / New rubber trim for windscreen,fitting problem.
« on: 07 November 2020, 12:03:31 »
A few weeks back I had a new windscreen on the white 3.0 fitted by Autoglass,no probs with them at all. While they were working on the car, one of the guys noticed that the red 3.2 windscreen trim was looking a bit manky and gave me a new one for it...nice one! But having tried to make it fit tightly,it's not happening......I've read the previous posts on similar woes,and is Sikaflex still the preferred remedy for this problem? :-\

Omega General Help / 2.5 and 3.0 ignition coils.
« on: 06 June 2020, 21:50:11 »
Just a quickie.....does the coil pack for the 2.5 fit the 3.0,it's just that there seems to be two types of plugs,oval or square and different positions of the plugs...TIA :y

Omega General Help / A bit bored.
« on: 01 April 2020, 18:28:36 »
So had a look through,one of the spares sheds and found about a dozen plus boxes of spark plugs....which I had forgotten. I'm presuming that they are all for the 3.2's,and 3.0,but the memory's not what it was,so is there anyone here that can give me a pointer as to their suitability and for which car.  TIA :y

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