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Omega General Help / Re: Oil pressure switch.
« on: 22 January 2024, 15:14:40 »
Cheers Nick :y

Omega General Help / Oil pressure switch.
« on: 22 January 2024, 15:03:54 »
Looks like the oil pressure switch on one of the 3.2's has gone AWOL, question is..when you remove the switch,is there any significant leakage?....just need how much to expect. :-\

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Fresh from Holland
« on: 18 January 2024, 07:38:14 »
We eventually had the  CFs with the Holden six cylinder engine, super fast but, the brakes used to overheat, making a fast run sort of ''interesting'' ;)

Meetings, gatherings, parties etc / Re: VBOA Sywell 2024
« on: 18 December 2023, 15:23:43 »
Will be attending, gave it a miss last year and iirc, the weather was pretty cack! :o

General Car Chat / Re: Who got the oldest omega??
« on: 18 December 2023, 15:19:23 »
Go to Omega Owners cars for sale on Facebook....but not Facebook market place. Also there are number of Omega owners groups etc there, and you will be able to either join in, or as it appears  you want to sell your cars that's also possible....BUT please read the rules for those groups as there are a couple where selling isn't allowed. HTH ;)

Omega General Help / Re: cambelt 3.2 elite gates
« on: 08 December 2023, 12:34:04 »
I've still got four of the AC Delco 3.0 kits which came up for sale at silly money.....think I bought eight in total, so that they could be robbed to make up kits for the 3.2's. ;)

Omega General Help / Re: crank shaft sensor query.
« on: 08 December 2023, 12:27:06 »
I've had two on the red 3.2, the second one of which was fitted by yourself, and the previous one which was fitted at my sons place, possibly why that one failed pretty early. ::) The other 3.2 and the 3.0,never had a problem ...yet!!

Omega General Help / Re: crank shaft sensor query.
« on: 08 December 2023, 08:20:15 »
I joined in 1974, and the instructor I had more than once went round Parliament Square the wrong way on the blues. Said it was a great shortcut :o I remember him well....his nickname was Schizo,but a great guy......not a clue how I ended up as a senior driving instructor for Nat Ex!

Omega General Help / Re: crank shaft sensor query.
« on: 04 December 2023, 21:29:45 »
So apart from the 2.5, these aren't any good for the other V6's in the Omega range. And if I'm understanding this correctly. The 90540743 would be compatible with the rest of the V6's including the 3.0?

Omega General Help / Re: crank shaft sensor query.
« on: 02 December 2023, 18:57:02 »
Thank you, will take a closer look, I guess they would be OK for the 3.0, but am I thinking that failure is rare on the  3.0?

Omega General Help / crank shaft sensor query.
« on: 02 December 2023, 16:12:59 »
Having  the sheds out to try and make sense of all the spares bought over the last four years....shocking!! I've found five OE crank shaft sensors 90492006, and presume that they are for the 3.0. Question is..are they suitable for the 3.2 also? :-\TIA

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted: various small parts
« on: 27 September 2023, 11:44:09 »
In reference to Omegas52, I was up with him about a year ago, and he told me that he won't be breaking Omegas anymore, due to the scarcity of donor cars. :'(

Meetings, gatherings, parties etc / Re: VBOA Sywell
« on: 31 July 2023, 11:57:53 »
I'm glad I didn't go this year, seeing the YT vids of the miserable weather conditions ::)

Omega General Help / Re: Elite jacking points corroded.
« on: 20 June 2023, 08:52:58 »
Car is back and new jacking points fabricated and welded in, also they had to fabricate another piece where the fuel line runs  through bill for that was 225. They also did an in depth inspection  on the rest of the car, and said they found no other probs. They then did a full Lanoguard underbody treatment, and guaranteed all the work done. Total cost for everything including the welding 900. :y

Omega General Help / Re: Elite jacking points corroded.
« on: 09 June 2023, 07:47:07 »
Agreed, it's going  in on Tuesday, whole thing is going to take a couple of days and will have to be inspected every year and topped up if needed. I'm thinking I might well have the other two done, although at the moment they are OK, but as a precaution it would be worth it as any further rust repairs could also be done there. :-\

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