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Omega General Help / Re: vauxhall special vehicles
« on: 31 January 2023, 19:21:04 »
I have two, and I would compare them as like any work vehicle, that has maybe 2-3 drivers per shift and possibly on the road for 24 hours depending on policing requirements. They are in general ragged and abused, and yes it can be argued that they are regularly maintained to the highest standard....hmm ::) I have one car a 3.2 that had 40k on the clock which spent most of its 3 years sitting outside London embassies. Question was why dispose of such a low mileage car? simples, the transmission was shagged and required replacement. The second car a 3.0, had 86k and was in a scrapyard with a goosed engine. Should have walked away but the actual overall body wasn't to bad, so it got saved....So at three I've now stopped taking in any more knackered Omegas into the retirement home, ex police or otherwise, just need the check up for the neck up to complete the picture.....buyer beware!

Cars for Sale & wanted / Wanted, sill cover end cap.
« on: 31 January 2023, 10:10:08 »
 Wanted sill cover end cap, my one got mullered in a crunch. If push comes to shove, I'll take the whole sill cover because the original is repairable and I'll keep what's left and save it for my next skirmish with a high kerb ::)

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 21 January 2023, 10:24:06 »
Cheers all, for the tips and will have a play with rest of the spare ones :y

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 20 January 2023, 07:29:02 »
Many thanks to Dr G yesterday for the how to session, crap quality adjusters came out in pieces and replaced with silicone ones. Got a few more to do, but now have an insight into what's needed, going to send  swmbo on a round the world cruise.....and the ovens all mine! ;)

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 17 January 2023, 11:54:50 »
Thank you Jamie, got the 'oven' hint' :) There's a diy version of an oven on Youtube and the guy does his headlights with it really well, looks a wee bit sketchy but it worked a treat. So may have a try doing that also :-\

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 17 January 2023, 08:26:45 »
 Because it's something I don't have any experience of, and new units aren't available anymore, except for LH drive  cars only. So it's a matter of trying to work with what's available, and stealbay sellers at most times don't have a clue that they are selling units with broken adjusters for silly money, plus there's the hassle of returning them back and getting a refund. So all I'm trying to do is work with what I have, and Dr G has kindly offered to run me through a how to session, rather than me breaking something by steaming into unknown territory......I'm sort of prone to do that ::)

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 15 January 2023, 21:52:42 »
I hope that I'm going to have enough adjusters, and may well have a few more of the aluminium originals which I bought up after the guy who was making them died. I just need to be shown how to change them without my usual anger management, bull in a china shop, six fingered approach to fiddly stuff >:( PM incoming  :y

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 15 January 2023, 21:05:35 »
Just to mention the situation trying to find new adjusters....the only ones that I've found are on stealbay, at 25 a pop delivered from Belarus....yeah whatever on that one! luckily I have around a dozen, plastic and a few silicone, but have eight headlights in all that need fettling.

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 15 January 2023, 20:52:58 »
I'll certainly try the Stanley knife....was thinking of using clear Sika flex to reseal if that works. Still think that having my own personal oven is a nice idea, and still worth thinking about ::)

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 15 January 2023, 18:42:48 »
Looking for a S/hand one on market place, I've got power in the greenhouse, just bury it pots and bags of compost when not in use, sort of blend it into the back ground.....could work ;)

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 15 January 2023, 18:14:48 »
Unfortunately it's a life threatening situation, with SWMBO, sort of like a grenade with the pin pulled and she's holding the spoon getting ready to release it, just as I put my hand on the oven door :o  So that's a no all round. Will need to rethink :)

Omega General Help / Headlight adjuster replacement.
« on: 15 January 2023, 17:32:04 »
I know that the recognised method of separating the lens from the body, is sticking the whole thing into the oven and heating it up to soften the sealant to gain access to the broken adjuster. But just having received a red card in relation to using the oven and kitchen as a workshop ( I only want to do four) ::) bit harsh, so  that looks like a no! So the question is....has anyone either used a hair dryer or a heat gun to do the job and will it work? Now looks like I'll be  the green house for me if the advice is good. tia :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: WANTED: V6 oil cooler
« on: 05 December 2022, 07:54:15 »
Consumable service parts are still affordable, but used parts have gone through the roof, mainly because sellers are just greedy, and previous experiences have proved that a lot of the used parts are overpriced junk! >:(

Omega Gallery / Re: Not quite a classic car show
« on: 28 November 2022, 09:43:25 »
This car is now living close to where live. :y

General Car Chat / Re: 3.2. for sale
« on: 08 November 2022, 20:35:57 »
I agree, N.I is the place where Omegas go to die, to be ragged to death. I regularly get messages on Face ache, about selling my cars.....and it's a big no! I'm going to keep them until they are forced off the road by  the Greenies >:(

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