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I've decided to go the route suggested on here, which will give me the option which should simplify any future hose replacement. It's good to see Nigel (Omegas 52) is back breaking the odd Omega. As I was up at his place a few months ago, and he told me that he was stepping back from his business after losing his wife to Covid. He has always been a trusted source of good S/H parts for the Omegas. :y

Sounds like a plan, did you use a spring clip to secure the hose as Big G advised?

Thanks for the advice, I was a bit hesitant to start pulling the pipes around and making matters worse....will give it a try as how you've explained it seems pretty straightforward. :y

Surely if it's one of the push release hose ends, how will a spring clip make a proper seal on the fixed part on the bulk head? My local garage said take the car away and come back when you have the parts, and as there are zero parts available the cars sort of not going to get fixed any time soon. :-\

Thank you  Big G and Dr G, hopefully I can solve this one....just might take a bit of time as there's not much out there at the moment. :-\

Thanks Al, got a feeling that there won't be any V6 items there, but I'll give them a call, and see if he has any suitable ones kicking around. :-\

Also noticed that there's no quick connector on that item, so does that mean the old connector can be removed from the leaking pipe?

Bugger >:(

Just had an ebay seller quote me 150 for two used pipes, why?? because he says they are unique to the car WTF!!!

Yes many thanks, both correct.....part number 9 129583, other pipe looks the same but can't read due to fading. ::)

Another one of my shot in the dark posts ::) looking for the hose that comes from the bulkhead and connects to the auxiliary water pump on the drivers side inner wing. Unfortunately the top end of the hose has a push/pull connector, which makes a Billy Bodge it repair awkward.  ???

General Car Chat / artsoul no1 full inbox.
« on: 31 May 2022, 10:56:17 »
As per title, message waiting ::)

Nope! I'll be drummed out of the regiment for this one :-[

A complete set of 2.2 A/C pipes, just been refurbished by Bee Cool at the cost of 300, I'm not giving them away for free, but I need 50 to help to take away the hurt (don't ask :-[) you can be confident that these have been refurbed properly. They have just done one of my 3.2's and everything is 100%.  Second hand set currently on Fleabay @65....BTW collection only from Reading, Berkshire.

Omega General Help / 3.2 air con pipes.
« on: 17 May 2022, 09:59:10 »
A big ask, but has anyone got any pictures of the complete system. TIA :y

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