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Omega General Help / EGR fault .
« on: 24 April 2022, 13:04:51 »
X20XEV .
Went to check the Omega over for it's NCT (MOT) test tomorrow and EML came on ...... >:(

Did a check and the fault is 0403 which is EGR voltage  either low or high .

Tried disconnecting the electrical plug and the EML stayed off until engine revved and then it returned .
Plug back on the EML stayed on from start .
Anyway this can be overcome without replacing the EGR by tomorrow ...?

General Discussion Area / RT News .
« on: 24 February 2022, 23:26:24 »
S'funny but I've never tuned into this channel on Sky until today.
Why is this propaganda channel still allowed to transmit into EU and UK ?

Watch it for a couple of minutes.

General Discussion Area / Audio Speakers
« on: 22 February 2022, 14:19:39 »
One for the Audio buffs amongst us .
Background .
Neighbours dog barking persistently and uncontrolled .

I have a 30 watt amp that I can feed a 20Khz tone generator into . I purchased a couple of 25 watt  40Khz piezo tweeters to use with it but I get no sound from them. When I connect a conventional magnetic 4ohm speaker to the amp it gives me the sound and volume that I seek .
Will a 30 watt, 20Khz, 4 ohm speaker run continuously with a sine wave tone at 20Khz /20 to 25 watt ?
I really want to make it's ears bleed .

Volume is my problem on the two systems that I currently run . I have a 40Khz system that is closer to a dogs hearing range but the 20 Khz certainly does irritate it .

Omega General Help / Lower ball joint dimensions
« on: 26 January 2022, 23:32:29 »
Does anyone have an old wishbone that can get some measurements off the ball joint ?

Whilst fitting new struts I noticed that the bottom ball joint boot is split . The wishbone is probably 3 years /6 K miles old and the ball joint is as new , there is a metal cover over the joint and it seems to have caught and torn the rubber .
Anyhow , I can get a new ball joint and power file off the rivets but frankly the cost over here in Ireland is extortionate so I would change the rubber but need to get the right size for the replacement .
The overall dimension is 40mm but without splitting it I cannot be certain what the actual body and shaft diameter is .
Thanks .

General Discussion Area / Cressida Dick
« on: 28 October 2021, 12:43:45 »
After the damming reports on the Met's behaviour around the murder of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry this morning I question why this woman has the audacity to continue as Commissioner for the force .

When will she accept the fact that she cannot continually apologise for the failings of the administration that she heads and retain the trust or respect of the public and have the good grace to " go and go now " and allow a new brush to sweep clean and rebuild confidence .

General Discussion Area / Jon Lewis advert.
« on: 12 October 2021, 22:33:06 »
Just seen their new ad on TV..........
WT actual F is that all about.

Omega General Help / Wim settings
« on: 23 July 2021, 23:23:42 »
Did a search but haven't found the actual WIM settings for the Omega yet .
Anybody got them ?
Cheers .

Omega General Help / Crank seal.
« on: 26 April 2021, 08:45:26 »
About to renew the timing belt + pulleys and water pump on my X20XEV .
When in there I will change the front crank oil seal as it's weeping slightly.
Haynes manual is a bit short of detail on that wee job so can the seal be gently prised out once the pulley is off or does it have to be drilled , self tapper inserted and then pulled out via them  ?

General Car Chat / The annual insurance debacle.
« on: 23 January 2021, 11:03:27 »
The Omega insurance is soon due and the quote arrived yesterday .
620 (551) ...fully comp.
Owned for 18 years ,documented NCT/MOT mileage of circa 1000 miles per annum ( 45 miles this year ) , full history/invoices etc, etc..
I've never had a claim in all my life ,retired now , and have a couple of other vehicles with full NCB.
As it's 22 years old now I thought I'd try a classic policy and even add it to my other classic policy .
Carole Nash ..."you can bugger off Mr Olympia " , says me " but I've been with you nigh on 20 years " ...." bugger off ! "
FBD ,who are basically an insurance company for farmers but "offer" classic insurance , "Vauxhall Omega ..what's that ?"
So I give her all the info, emphasising the points that show I'm a good risk,and offer to transfer the E24 over too a dual policy too .
" You would only be able to drive to and then from a classic car meeting , you cannot go shopping in it you know ! . If you have an accident in it and we find shopping in it you would not be covered "
So I ask what happens if I am on my way back from a classic car meet and whilst putting petrol into it my wife buys a pint of milk from the petrol station ?
" We would refuse insurance "
Well Mrs FBD you can skip off into the sunset , and delete all my info given .
The insurance companies operate what is called Dual policy pricing in ireland .
"Dual pricing involves insurers using big data and complex pricing practices to target customers who are less likely to shop around, before charging them artificially high premiums at renewal. The Central Bank found that renewing customers are paying significantly more than the actual cost of their policy.Dec 18, 2020"
Outlawed and illegal in UK but little ireland allows the annual rape and pillage of it's motorists , thanks . >:(
Couple this with their own decision to deny insurance to vehicles over 15 years old conveniently corrals a great number of motorists for no reason other than greed on the companies behalf .
Another couple of companies to try , but .. :(

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Omega FL dealer launch flag.
« on: 24 November 2020, 22:19:48 »
Opel dealer launch flag for facelift Omega .
4 foot wide x 9 foot 6 inch long in a linen/cloth material .
Don't think you'll find another in perfect condition.
20 plus postage from Ireland .

General Discussion Area / I can't begin to understand this .
« on: 26 June 2020, 23:29:35 »
Listen from 41.27 in

What kind of world are we living in now ....

General Discussion Area / Usb wi fi adaptor for PC.
« on: 09 May 2020, 20:12:16 »
Had to retire my old Sony Vaio desktop , still worked perfectly but the fan whine became unbearable as the component temp ramped up during use.
Have bought a HP desk top but it doesn't have wi fi connectivity . I'm averse to fitting a wi fi board if possible .
I purchased a usb wi fi adaptor but it's slow and drops the signal too often to be acceptable . It was cheap....... :-[
So , I need to purchase a good dependable wi fi adaptor .
We have fibreoptic internet with an average  90 mbps download speed  with a dual frequency Vodafone Gigabox router.
The router is mounted near central within the house . There are various reasons which prevent me from hard wiring the PC to it although I am running a 5 cable just now , and tripping over it continually .... >:(
Distance from router to my desk is 10 m with two normally open doors in the line of sight .
The internet reception is great on our TV's, I pads , phones ,laptops and IP cameras ( externally mounted )  with all round great signal strength and comms over the fairly large area of the house ,so  no issues at all there .
I'm certain that the problem is the cheap tat of a adaptor that I have but after spending too much time trying to select a decent one with good reviews I thought I'd ask the Guru's on here  for any preferred or suggested ones.
Thanks in advance .

Omega General Help / Inner wing structure .
« on: 06 May 2020, 22:31:04 »
Our mischievous Bengal cat was climbing all over the roof space above my car and disturbed a wooden plank section that fell onto the front drivers wing and left two small creases .
The paint is intact and truth be told the creases are barely noticeable , except to me .....
Before I remove the inner plastic liner to look up inside I thought I'd ask if anyone can tell me if there is any structure below the two areas marked on the photo that would prevent access for a PDR guy to work his magic and remove the creases .
I've googled it but so far found no photos of that inner area.
Thanks in advance .

General Discussion Area / Swinson
« on: 29 October 2019, 22:26:45 »
In simple words , I cannot stand the gobby bitch . >:(

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