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General Discussion Area / Re: Kindness
« on: 04 November 2021, 09:09:09 »
I bought some from ebay, 15 for 2 boxes of 8,
tried one this morning on  my shoulder, not had any pain all day thanks,

Viagra? ::)
That's one hell of a misdiagnosis  :D

I did have a stiff shoulder

General Discussion Area / Re: Kindness
« on: 03 November 2021, 18:59:21 »
I bought some from ebay, 15 for 2 boxes of 8,
tried one this morning on  my shoulder, not had any pain all day thanks,

General Discussion Area / Re:'s everywhere
« on: 03 July 2021, 13:05:18 »
the billing show has been a thieving ground for years, generally anything not nailed down overnight is nicked, every tar a few cars are nicked, and cars in the carpark are stripped.

General Discussion Area / Re: Was this done on purpose?
« on: 08 June 2021, 09:21:05 »
fairly common, it stops the locals parking unlike a squared off T

General Discussion Area / Re: Birmingham Clean Air zone
« on: 01 June 2021, 15:45:23 »
true ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: dog theft
« on: 15 April 2021, 09:20:16 »
it needs half an ounce of lead injecting into the thieves.

the punishment for pet theft is so low its no deterent

General Discussion Area / Re: Chivalry Is Alive In 2021
« on: 07 April 2021, 19:09:57 »
I know one or two butch ladies who would dispute that

General Discussion Area / Re: Pre program/film announcements
« on: 21 March 2021, 19:39:08 »
We have a cat answers to Sambo

the vet asked for Sam, no response. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Scouse bouncers are nancy boys.....
« on: 01 December 2020, 21:54:57 »
local lad I know was picked on by two 18 stone blokes
jai was about six stone wringing wet but a bantam weight boxer,
there was a flurry of fists, both blokes slumped against the bar, and jai holding his beer,

jai looked like the kid off junglebook hence the nickname.

General Discussion Area / Re: Three Mobile - Contract renewal
« on: 02 November 2020, 12:05:10 »
I have several sim cards on 1p, 3 phones one tablet and 2 trackers ::)

yup its a penny per min /text/giggawatt

tops up 10 every 3 months and credit builds up.

was paying 7 a month and losing the credit,
in fact if you use my refereral code we each get an extra fiver credit free,    H32118M 

General Discussion Area / Re: Track & Trace
« on: 29 September 2020, 13:17:10 »
I was told to install it on my work phone, for when I go into office (6 times last year, once so far this year) and its supposed to work when out and about,
I leave the phone in the car so the chance of it triggering is slim. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: New Edge
« on: 27 July 2020, 22:30:11 »
I get it on a few sites, no not the porn ones......

just click on the X

General Discussion Area / Re: Belligerent scouser?
« on: 07 July 2020, 18:25:07 »
liverpool won at football
they are being paid by the government to stay at home

somewhere is a scouser with a lamp and one more wish

General Discussion Area / Re: Bloody egay
« on: 20 June 2020, 18:09:19 »
I sent a caravan oven last year, well boxed, bubble wrap and plenty of card round it,

they brought it back as undelivered, its was lozenged, looks like they parked a truck on it, about 5 inch out of square.

when I claimed "they dont cover glass" what about the steel box it was in?

never even refunded the carriage charge,

Herpes get bad reports but never had a problem.

General Discussion Area / Re: Boris to claim for whiplash?
« on: 18 June 2020, 18:25:16 »
2m seperation wasnt enough?

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