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Author Topic: Reference ECU 3.2  (Read 6234 times)

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Re: Reference ECU 3.2
« Reply #30 on: 22 February 2021, 03:17:18 »

We're talking Omegas, not crappy chavved up hatchbacks ??? Comparing a Cleo Williams to a 1.8RT is like comparing a Lotus Omega to the 3.0 24v.

If you choose to ignore the first hand experience presented, then carry on overthinking something that is a complete non issue.

The current 2.6 ecu is fine running a 3.2. Do ten 400m sprints and a Vmax run with each ecu and prove it to yourself.

The current lpg ecu is also fine, as the tuning for lpg is completely separate to the petrol. You would be well advised to remap the lpg to allow for the extra 100cc in each cylinder, and possibly fit larger lpg injectors if the current ones struggle.

It's your car. And it's your cash and time, but you are wasting both.

¿Estamos hablando de Omegas, no de hatchbacks de mierda? Comparar un Cleo Williams con un 1.8RT es como comparar un Lotus Omega con el 3.0 24v.

Si eliges ignorar la experiencia de primera mano presentada, sigue pensando demasiado en algo que no es un problema.

El actual 2,6 ecu funciona bien con un 3,2. Haz diez sprints de 400 my una carrera de Vmax con cada ecu y pruébalo a ti mismo.

El ecu de GLP actual también está bien, ya que el ajuste del GLP está completamente separado de la gasolina. Se recomienda reasignar el glp para permitir los 100 cc adicionales en cada cilindro, y posiblemente colocar inyectores de glp más grandes si los actuales tienen dificultades.

Es tu auto. Y es su dinero y su tiempo, pero está desperdiciando ambos.
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Re: Reference ECU 3.2
« Reply #31 on: 22 February 2021, 11:35:18 »

A few years ago, the battery on my 3.2 auto 'spiked' the ECU and the car was dead. At the time, I could only get a replacement ECU off a manual 3.2,  no pass, key or immobiliser ring etc -  just the ECU. A former Vauxhall technician / auto electrician who (I was told by other VX techies) was 'pretty good' with VX electrics 'wiped' the ECU and then reconfigured it to my car. The only hiccup was that it still thought it was in a manual car, but once that was sorted for an auto, all has been well since. That is my 'layman's' description of what was done, by the way.... ::)
In essence, the right person should be able to reconfigure just a replacement ECU on its own to your car without the other immobilser bits meaning you can keep the original keys and locks etc.
Its called a Tech2.

You need to adjust the variant coding, and get it to relearn the immobiliser coding.

Easy enough even a Vauxhall trained mechanic can usually do it, sometimes. But it does need a Tech2 (and that Tech2 will need to be authorised to do the immobiliser relearn (and I think also to do the variant).
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