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Author Topic: 3.0 v6 misfire  (Read 1360 times)

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3.0 v6 misfire
« on: 28 October 2021, 14:26:10 »

One day. I was driving around the city and Boom, two cylinders gone.

I took out sparkplugs and didnt see spark on 2nd and 5th coil on module.
First of all. I changed sparkplugs, Cables and then DIS module.

But Problem still remains. It misfires on 2nd and 5th coil all the time.

I always use Bosch parts.

3.0 MV6

All cables are checked also grounds and all sensors are new.

When i did the paperclip test and diagnosed faults. It shows
127 and so on.
Shows all faults with voltage low or voltage high.

Very strange problem.
May somebody can help?


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Re: 3.0 v6 misfire
« Reply #1 on: 29 October 2021, 02:20:49 »

Cylinders 2 & 5 are a shared pair in the wasted spark system, so if you have no spark (or weak spark) on both it points to the coil pack, as opposed to a bad plug or plug lead.

Was the replacement coil pack brand new and genuine Bosch as opposed to Bosch equivalent?

Was there/ is there any oil and/or water in any of the plug wells?

Might water be getting onto the coil pack? Perhaps from the HBV and hoses or dripping from the scuttle.

Given the range of other faults I would also suspect a wiring issue. Are all the sensors plugged in properly?
Disconnect the battery for half an hour and then break and re-make the ECU connector. Any improvement?
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