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General Car Chat / Re: First ride in a Tesla
« on: Yesterday at 22:02:06 »
Using the oomph, the charge doesn't last long. Much like petrol  :D

General Car Chat / Re: My LR Reliability thread
« on: Yesterday at 18:24:54 »
I wouldn't feed her to the dog.
I was contemplating that if I was pissed enough to consider it, would I still be alive?

You'd need to tie a rope round your ankle!  ;D
And a torch.

Got a dose of pinkeye on the Alabama Mumsybus.

Swapped out the offending bulb and normal xenon lighting resumed.

Have to say, bulb access is a breeze, even if you can't quite see where your fingers are.

Omega General Help / Re: cam cover
« on: 06 August 2022, 16:27:17 »
Won't be any worse than a broken original...

General Car Chat / Re: My LR Reliability thread
« on: 06 August 2022, 16:24:53 »
I wouldn't feed her to the dog.

General Discussion Area / Re: Trolley Dollies
« on: 06 August 2022, 01:41:20 »
OMG you lot of old dinosaurs will have the Diversity Woke Police knocking on your doors saying things like that!  ;D
Has Queenie moved to Darzet?  :D

General Discussion Area / Re: Trolley Dollies
« on: 05 August 2022, 17:10:40 »
Although in my group of 23, there a seven blokes. I would be surprised if more than two of us are straight.

Are you being discriminatory by excluding the girlies from your statement, or are you saying that of the 16 girlies in your group all (bar perhaps 1) are carpet munchers?
There may be a couple, but far be it for me to judge...

General Discussion Area / Re: Trolley Dollies
« on: 05 August 2022, 15:05:23 »
Cocoa shunters ;D never heard that before !

Presumably it is similar to fudge packer. :)
I was going to add iPhone users, but remembered that I have been issued one ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Trolley Dollies
« on: 05 August 2022, 15:01:08 »
Be what you want to be... Personally, I growl at badgers ;)

Although in my group of 23, there a seven blokes. I would be surprised if more than two of us are straight.

Omega General Help / Re: Front caliper mounting bolt size
« on: 05 August 2022, 11:17:50 »
Did a similar thing on my first Granada. Forgot to bend a lock tab back over.

Braking for a roundabout, loud clunk and sudden loss of brakes on one side later...

No harm, no foul :y

General Car Chat / Re: My LR Reliability thread
« on: 05 August 2022, 11:13:48 »
Yes, while I'm sure the 2 litre lump is very capable (about 240 bhp?), a 3 litre in a Disco just seems right somehow.  :y

Much difference in tax & fuel economy Jim?  ???

Mind you as the old saying goes... If you have to ask.... ::)  :D

The fuel economy I can't comment on yet, but I suspect the type of miles I'm doing (95% motorway) the difference will be negligible, if I had to guess I'd say it will be in the stop-start stuff where the 3.0 is significantly more thirsty. I will investigate and report back  ;D.

Tax is an uptick, 300 odd for the 2.0, 500 odd for the 3.0, which is a pita, but, as you say, if I were down to 20pcm making the difference, I really shouldn't have bought the car.
The thing that has screwed me up has been budgeting for 115-120 a tank rather than 160+.

Although, diseasal is now available down here for 1.85 a litre, and if my first roster is anything to go by, my monthly commute will drop from 20 days a month to about 10. Which helps.

They're a standard 787 feature, but what do you expect from American ;D

My first JFK is scheduled on a 777 and is a mid evening return. Assuming of course that the Heathrow ID centre cba to get my ID ready in time :-X

Will have to see what, if anything, type training says on the subject of windows...

I know that they can be shut in hot climates between flights to help regulate cabin temps,

Possibly something done on early evening flights to accelerate the night time for eastbound flights :-\

One of my fondest flying memories thus far, was being able to look down from L5 on the 747 as we turned over New Yoik to head down the coast to Miami on a clear December night. Everything was visible from the Statue of Liberty and WTC. Even Central Park was clear to see 8)

General Discussion Area / Re: Ha ha cockadoodle
« on: 04 August 2022, 13:48:14 »
Looking at it I can only conclude that the complainant has never seen a penis, erect or otherwise.

The BA 777 was configured for a standard landing, which relies on thrust to maintain the airspeed. Even with slightly reduced flaps, it touched down at around 100knots, instead of the normal 135kts, with an impact of 2.9g once the main gear dug in, having been un powered from 700ft. Had it landed 1,000ft further on, then it would have been a relatively normal roll out.

Conversly the Air Transat A330 that 'ran out' of fuel mid cruise, had enough altitude to glide 75miles and touch down at 200knts, significantly faster than normal. Whilst it didn't rip the gear of, it did severely damage it and and the airframe.

Altitude buys time. And time creates options and opportunities.

Also, the 777 is a 'traditional' airframe, as is the Airbus, heavily utilising aluminium composites for the skin

By contrast, the 787 is a spun carbon fibre composite and a very different beast. And having been about as far away as you are from your screen from the framing of several aircraft, the Dreamliner is an F1 car being compared to a truck when stacked up against the older aircraft.
The 777 was a technological game changer in 1994 when it came to operating and control systems, but not the fundamental design.  ;)

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