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Hello. Has anyone got an Omega 2.2 catalytic converter to fit my 2002 2.2 Omega estate put aside,no longer needed or can you tell me where to buy a good one?  All help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in anticpation of any help. My catalytic converter is rattling away on start up  :-\.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / ccr 2006 replacement
« on: 09 September 2016, 20:03:01 »
My CCR 2006 has finally given up the ghost  :-\ .The radio and tape are working great just the CD has stopped playing from the CD holder.
 Can you tell me if a CCR 2006 will fit my 2003 Omega from a  2004 - 2005 or later Astra or such like.
I want to start playing my CDs again  :y. I am worried the connectors are not the same.
All advice on this would be very welcome before I buy one that does not fit. I want to keep the car original  :y. Thanks

Omega General Help / Omega 2.2 estate exhaust manifold
« on: 19 September 2015, 18:43:48 »
I have a 2003 Omega 2.2 cdx estate and have just noticed a crack in the exhaust manifold,on the top.
Is this a hard job to remove/replace and do you need specialist tools.
I have also tried to source a second hand manifold and a new one with full manifold kit to no avail :'(.
Can any one help as my MOT is due and I want to keep the estate on the road. If any one has one or if any one knows where to buy one that would be great.
Any advice on how to remove or fit the new/second hand one would be greatly appreciated as I have never done a manifold before.
Thanks in advance for any replies.
Gary :y

I have a 2003 2.2 CDX estate but the cd will not work. I have read through Vauxhall radio guide for trouble shooting and the forum but cannot find any information on the subject so here I go as a newbie.
I have loaded the 4 disc cartridge for the CCR 2006 with proper Cds put it until it clicks and close flip panel. I can hear it trying all the discs 1 through to 4 as displayed on the screen. The display then says "No Cd" and returns to play the radio.
Both the radio and tape player are working great :).

I have had the estate since April 2014 and previous owner when contacted stated CD did work but never used it much.

Any help would be great any fix advice would be fantastic as I want to keep the car standard as it looks great :y

Newbie Welcome Area / Hello,I am a newbie.
« on: 26 October 2014, 20:36:25 »
I have had an Omega 2.2 2003 since April this year,2014. I have been looking at OOF since then obtaining much information from fitting new hinges to nearside door to electrical faults,one fault being a bad battery and then having to recode the radio. The site has a lot of great information for me as I have never owned a Vauxhall before and it covers all aspects.
 I have registered obviously because its a great owners forum to get help and assistance from but also to ask about problems that I have or may experience.
My 2.2 Omega estate has been great, it has full service history and at the time of buying had only 48,680 miles on the clock :) it really is a great car. Thanks for all the help I have already had :y

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