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Cars for Sale & wanted / 2003 Black 3.2 Elite Saloon For Sale
« on: 19 August 2023, 11:51:59 »
Time has come to depart with a well trusted car which I have owned for the past 10 years but due to work finishing I we no longer require 2 cars.

Brief description as  I,m sure all reading this will know what they look like and what they have,and as I have never ever worked out how to put up pictures onto forum I am happy to send over extensive pictures if you PM with email addy.

Registered 28/07/2003..on KT03 EVG just so you can check MOT history

MOT until 28/11/2023..Oil/Filters every 6k and well maintained as it was my work car.

Black Saloon Elite 3.2

Mileage is 203,000

Mechanically sound..not due belt/roller change for 10k as done by Serek in March 2020 along with gearbox filter/oil and mid section exhausts.

Body work needs attention as paintwork is going flat/usual rust appearing on both rear arches but hasnt broken surface.Really requires a respray as numerous dents from incident with neighbours wall in 2020.I intended getting it completely repaired but time just moved on and as it doesnt affect driving it has become less of an annoyance now.

4 Good Continental Tyres although alloys could do with a refurb too.

Irmscher Wood Steering Wheel/Irmscher Black Front Grille/Remus Stainless Steel twin exit back box.Colour NCDC 2013 with Parrot blue tooth phone kit and Road Angel speed display head up fitted.Proper Phillips Day light running lights fitted and correctly wired up.

Drivers seat heater stopped working last winter/sat nav disc sometimes slow to load but maps are well out of date now although have 2 discs from 2011.

4 CD magazines/jack and spare along with GM tool kit.

I,m looking for £500 which I think is realistic as I dont want to haggle or have endless visits to view /kick tyres and suck through teeth.

Would be ideal for any Elite owners as a doner car as may parts are unavailable now and this car has had many new parts replaced over the years all with good life left.

Any other questions or multiple pictures just PM please.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Brake Light Warning Message
« on: 05 November 2022, 15:46:46 »
Past week or so "warning rear brake light message " has appeared at regular intervals on display.

All 3 brake lights are working as they should and nothing has disturbed them recently.Bulbs are probably 1 + years old,so will replace both lower ones but any idea why message has recently started appearing

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Auto Box Inspection Bung
« on: 20 June 2022, 11:55:30 »
90412453...the rectangular rubber "bung" which gives access to the torque converter bolts.

Whilst doing oil change today noticed mine has left the building .....anybody got 1 spare please.


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Sun Roof Ghost
« on: 12 November 2021, 09:00:13 »
Sunroof is doing the phantom opening and closing ,
Have removed magnetic disc and cleaned with switch cleaner but hasnít resolved issue,
As sunroof rarely if ever used am happy to disconnect it permenantly.
Where is the relay or is it on a separate fuse

Omega General Help / Exhaust Rubbing
« on: 25 August 2021, 20:12:11 »
With 4 adults in car and boot laden with luggage have found that even slight dips in the road cause the exhaust centre boxes to ground out .
Once luggage is removed issue seems to go away so assume extra weight is pushing back end down.
Would this be resolved by new springs /heavy duty ?
Both springs and shocks intact and renewed about 2 years ago
Pointers please !

Omega General Help / Oil Build Up Advise
« on: 25 July 2021, 16:27:48 »
Have noticed a regular layer of oil forming on the bottom metal part of the front "bag pipe assembly" and on closer inspection seems to be an overspill onto the top of the front engine plastic undertray visible with bonnet open.

What would cause this oil build up and before I investigate tomorrow how much oil should be any ..evident in the metal curved part of the bagpipe assembly.?

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Parts Required
« on: 04 May 2021, 14:21:09 »
Following on from my recent post on " Wal Collapse" could do with the following parts and if availble an alternative

1)....NS door mirror complete for Elite Face Lift....colour not important but must be complete
2)....NS Front passenger door glass..again Elite as unsure all were tinted.
3)....NS Back passenger side fixed glass quarter lite glass.
If available .
1)...Z20R....front passenger door complete,although not worried about door card
2)...Z20 R...back passenger door above
3)...Both rear wing clear back light assemblies
4)...Z20R ...front passenger side wing although if not Z20R any colour would work.

If anybody has these or some available please could you let me know .

Many thanks :y

General Discussion Area / Wall Collapse
« on: 04 May 2021, 08:33:21 »
Hi Guys.
Need some advise on best way forward with this please.
During the night my neighbours wall has collapsed in the wind and has come crashing down onto my car.Looking at the extent of the damage...roof/bonnet/rear wind /both passenger side doors it looks like its beyond repair.
Spoke to her first thing this morning and told her she needs to speak to her insurance company to let them know what has happened,as she is quite a reasonable person.
Question is do I let me insurance company know ?
Car is damaged through no fault of mine so do I tell my car insurance company ?
Do I tell my household insurance company ??
Or do I wait for her to let me know .
At present I am unable to go to prebooked jobs today so have that financial loss too.
Guidance on correct path of action appreciated.

Had national Windscreens out today to replace my front screen which had 2 cracks from winter motorway driving.

Pleasant enough guy who seemed to understand how things worked so left him to get on with it .Explained that the last time screen was replaced several years ago the outer trim hadnt been fitted correctly and parted company with the car on the M4 ." Dont worry sir I have fitted loads of the screens over the years and never had a problem " !!

Fatal last words.

Knock on the door some 2 hours later saying all done and was difficult getting old screen out so had to call another fitter to help,but its all done now and will you sign my paperwork that the job is done and pay the excess.

When I looked at it the upright outer rubber trim was about 10mm away from the body work and creased and wrinkled along the edges...Thats not correct I said and Im not happy with that and will not be paying excess of £95 until its corrected.He then told me that it would settle in the heat from the sun and within 24/48 hours it would be flush with the body work.

I questioned him as to what they do when they fit them in the winter as no heat from the sun and was advised they use a heat gun to get it flush,so I sent him away with another ear bashing on poor workmanship and waited for the call from his office.Less that 20 minutes after he had gone got the Manager ringing asking why I hadnt paid the excess and that his fitter had done a proper job .

When I told him I wasnt paying for poor workmanship and parts he then told me he would contact his accounts dept who would persue me for non payment .Needless to say I welcomed any action they wished to bring my way and told him I would be raising my complaint with my Insurance Company who in fairness called me straight back to discuss things fully.

Bottom line is we need to give it the weekend to see if this trim has magically shrunk back to the body work and if not a new screen trim would be ordered and refitted again.

Why dont they just do the job right !!!

Mr very angry from Kent >:( 

General Car Chat / Clean Bill Of Health
« on: 13 November 2020, 14:08:40 »
MOT booked this morning....passed with no advisories for the 8th straight year on the trot...even the MOT man commented that he rarely sees a car each year without anything to comment on.

Big word of Thanks again to ...NickW...looking after the welding work a few months ago now :y :y :y

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Fuse 33
« on: 29 October 2020, 17:14:44 »
Can anybody advise that by removing fuse 33 from the fuse panel under the steering column stop the main cabin fan from working ?

My fan has developed fault by constantly running even with ignition off and key removed.

I need to use car tonight and dont want it parked up with fan running and kill battery and by just disconnecting battery earth means I need to leave bonnet un catched  as were  I need to go isnt great leaving things unlocked

Omega General Help / Wishbone Pinch Bolt
« on: 10 October 2020, 14:02:51 »
Friend of mine in East Sussex is replacing both wishbones and he has asked for some help as both pinnch bolts are knackered.

Can anybody advise on the size and nut size please ?

Many thanks :y

General Car Chat / Question on MOT presentation
« on: 12 September 2020, 09:08:23 »
Need some advise on MOT presentation and valid dates.

MOT expires mid December 2020 ,but after finding some areas of rust want to ensure they wouldnt void an mot pass before going to effort/expense of getting them done..if possible.

If I take car to MOT in September and it passes MOT will that then run until next September 2021 or December 2021 ?

If I take car to MOT in September and it fails MOT,assuming reasons arent deemed dangerous, can I still keep using the car until expiry of current MOT in December or do I just have short period ?

Bit confusing as to how best to play this out.

Test Zone / Test Picture
« on: 27 May 2020, 13:15:37 »

General Discussion Area / 12 Volt Supply
« on: 09 May 2020, 18:32:34 »
Hope somebody can shed some light on why I cant get this to work ?
Grand-daughter has large paddling pool which takes for ever to inflate so had an idea.Found a 12 volt small blower which is used to inflate a gymnastic mat but only has a car cigarette socket to draw power from car fag lighter socket.All works fine and blower motor works from 12 volts on car.
When connected to a known 12 volt converter plugged into 240 volts blower will start then after running for several sections stops and starts almost spluttering to restart but wont .When switched back off and on again exact same thing again..motor runs for only a few seconds and back to spluttering again.
I have checked with multimeter and converter is showing 12 volts being supplied and for the past few years it has been used to inflate a christmas decoration so it has history of working.
Cant understand why blower works but only for few seconds....any pointers please

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