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Omega General Help / Re: Diff Axle shaft seal
« on: 29 July 2022, 13:32:16 »
Yes preload for pinion oil seal only...wasnt sure if you intended doing a full refurb of the diff as easier off the car

Omega General Help / Re: Diff Axle shaft seal
« on: 28 July 2022, 19:53:15 »
Before undoing anything you will need to mark the face of the nut and the diff body as the nut is set to a specific preload and when refitted needs to be exactly in the same place as before being removed.

You will find a guide in the  "How To Replace Diff Pinion Seal" in the how to section...follow to the letter as your newly replaced diff will be toast in a few miles otherwise. :-[

Oil and link to seal seem to be correct  :y

Omega General Help / Re: AC compressor
« on: 10 July 2022, 08:42:42 »
Few years ago my old Elite required a new compressor.Guy who has done my A/C for many years checked through and found small pieces of metal inside the old compressor unions so suspected it had contaminated the entire system.

Had all lines cleaned along with new expansion valve which was a total nightmare to replace but we ended up getting it all renewed but even at "mates rates" it was a very pricey job.....but the A/C worked again.

As nice as A/C is when things go wrong expect the costs to be significant. :(

Omega General Help / Re: AC compressor
« on: 09 July 2022, 15:27:04 »
The volume of A/C refrigerant should be on the white sticker on the front slam panel visible with bonnet open.

Mine shows :
Compressor Lubricant PAG refer to GME specification.

So I recon if your A/C guy is telling you he has put 700 grams into the system ...he is wrong  :(.I would suggest you get a full refund as he appears to of not done the job correctly and possibly caused damage by sending you away with a incorrectly working system.

Take it to a proper A/C provider and question them first as to what they intend replacing entire gas/il charge with and only pay when you see the print out of pressures and air vent temperatures.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Expansion tank wanted.
« on: 08 July 2022, 19:44:40 »
Booze in the garden gets my vote ;D ;D >:D >:D ;D

Just keep an eye on the coolant level every week or so  :y

Omega General Help / Re: AC compressor
« on: 08 July 2022, 19:38:08 »
Just had my A/C recharged a few weeks ago after last being done approx 3 years ago.

I always remember A/C system when fully vac down to hols a charge of 950 grams so I would say at 700grams your is light and whist enough to engage the compressor not enough to give correct cooling.

Omega General Help / Re: High temperature on highway in summer
« on: 05 July 2022, 16:29:31 »
Agreed with all above.

My 3.2 normal sits at 92.5 to 95.0 on most days.When summer arrives and outside temp gets up into high 20,s to 30 it often goes up to 97.5 when pressing on especially up hills.

Its perfectly normal and given the temp gauges are notorious for being inaccurate I would not be at all concerned.

If it goes above 100 or into the red then worry but otherwise dont concern yourself

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Auto Box Inspection Bung
« on: 20 June 2022, 11:55:30 »
90412453...the rectangular rubber "bung" which gives access to the torque converter bolts.

Whilst doing oil change today noticed mine has left the building .....anybody got 1 spare please.



I think an unknown aged AC compressor thats been off a car and not had oil/gas running through it keeping all the seals supple is too big a gamble when you consider the cost to gat it refitted and gassed up only to find its "still leaking".

Buy new and have a certain peace of mind and if Serek is fitting it will be done properly and work as designed  :y

Think you would be wiser buying new inplace of 2nd hand as for the effort and time fitting to find the " God 2nd Hand Unit" has dried out seals and leaks as bad as the unit it is replacing.

From my experience with AC its nice and worth having but expect to spend big when it packs up...£200 for a new compressor would be my route Ken :y

Omega General Help / Re: HT leads
« on: 06 June 2022, 16:42:57 »
I used them on my old Elite and worked fine.They are thicker and not quite as flexible as VX originals so take abit of threading around and if I remember #6 is too long so will require some routing .

Omega General Help / Re: Barn find starts but then stops
« on: 25 April 2022, 13:35:53 »
Bet filter is gummed up and for a few quid worth changing as 6years worth of old fuel have been sat in it

Omega General Help / Re: 2.6 exhaust system
« on: 25 April 2022, 13:32:55 »
Post on that very subject about half way down page # 2

Re: 3.2 exhaust system.
« Reply #1 on: 02 March 2022, 16:02:33 »
Seems to me that POLMOstrów (Polmo) in Poland is the only firm still manufacturing Omega exhausts. Parts have an embossed 'P' logo.

I believe one of the other members was recently able to get one from here. I believe, but you should check, that kit 351 is a Saloon (Sedan) and kit 353 is an Estate (Kombi). They list shipping costs of €15 and 4 days to the UK.

You may have to pay VAT and a clearance fee. Shouldn't be any duty as it's under the limit of £135.00. You could ask.

They don't list Vauxhall parts separately so you're looking for Opel Omega B parts.

I had the 350 kit for a 2.5 some years ago. It was fine and shipped from Germany in less than a week. A perfect fit. Eternal car also supplied the Polmo parts.

One irritation with all of the exhausts, including Eternal Car, is that they have taken to cutting the downstream pipes near the centre boxes. They supply sleeves to join them back together. This is to reduce the length of the shipping carton and presumably the shipping cost. In principle this should not be a big deal however we found it's more difficult to get everything properly aligned without the use of a ramp.

The having the middle pipe cut is a real PITA as aligning things is not simple ,but doable on proper ramp :y

Omega General Help / Re: 3.2 Running lumpy.
« on: 12 April 2022, 09:59:39 »
Budget for 2 new coil packs aswell as they will be oil fried too.Worth also doing the 6 plugs whilst you are in that far as that way you have dealt with some of the common V6 issues and protected things for a few more years.

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