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General Discussion Area / Re: TCV lunacy
« on: 31 December 2021, 17:23:16 »
Yep, several instances recently have made me realise that LFTs aren't worth bothering with.

My little nephew had a sniffle, several negative LFTs later he went to a birthday party, then got a positive PCR a couple of days later.

Another relative had the complete opposite where LFTs were showing positive but PCR was negative.

I suspect either the LFTs are a bag'o'shite or they are mixing up the results of the PCRs and sending them to the wrong people. Neither (nor both) would surprise me in the current total cluster. :-X

Hi Daz! Long time no see!

Nice to hear from you again. :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Byron Westlake
« on: 30 December 2021, 21:25:36 »
Really sorry to hear this. My condolences to Pam and his family. :(

Whilst no longer a regular contributor on here, he'd phone me from time to time and we'd catch up. You needed to be sat on a comfy chair when receiving a phone call from Byron. ;)

Rest in peace, "valleys".

General Discussion Area / Re: Ho Ho Ho....
« on: 25 December 2021, 22:05:51 »
Merry Christmas! :y

General Car Chat / Re: Old cars - investment.
« on: 24 December 2021, 17:00:26 »
Extra dash gauges for a start. I had a MK1 1600 GT XLR which had lots of gauges and plastic wood dash. Seats were black and shiny and could have been leather, but I wasnt interested enough to find out.
I found it a very unimpressive car in every respect, as I did the 3.0 V6 I had a drive in. The 3.0 had a lot less grunt than I thought it would have, and of course the handling on any Capri was shit.
As for the TR6 of your dreams. I have driven a standard road version and a highly tuned race version and wouldn't give more than a fiver for either of them. ;D

One of my school mates managed to drive her Capri Mk 1 backwards through a lamp post on the most gentle of bends you could imagine. She replaced it with a Volvo 343. :D

General Car Chat / Re: Petition - Please Sign and Pass On.
« on: 24 December 2021, 16:45:14 »
We'd be better off policing the rules we currently have than adding new.

Plenty of bell ends round here emitting a noise level "unreasonably above the noise level youd expect from a similar vehicle with a standard silencer", and as for some of the camber angles ans stretched tyre fitments. :-X

Good job my kit car emits precisely "the noise level youd expect from a similar vehicle with a standard silencer". :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Abu Dhabi F1 wont contain spoilers
« on: 12 December 2021, 19:31:41 »
Mercedes appeals not upheld. I would be very interested to know on what grounds the decision was arrived at.

Er, well, because we've already given that Dutch guy the cup and all...

Utterly astounding that a championship can be allowed to be decided on an adjudicator'#s decision that flip flopped one way and then the other. ::)

Omega General Help / Re: Pollen & Air Filters
« on: 11 December 2021, 23:25:04 »
I get my oil from here now:

Excellent mail order service, a decent range of oil specs and less hassle than going to a motor factors. :y

General Discussion Area / Re: F35 recovered from Med
« on: 11 December 2021, 00:16:41 »
Perhaps he thought that he'd rather ditch in the sea than on the flight deck. :)

Does rather beg the question of why he didn't just stop.. unless the aircraft had other ideas? ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: F35 recovered from Med
« on: 10 December 2021, 21:03:55 »
I was super impressed with the cool timing of the point to eject by the pilot.
I was quite surprised it took him until then to realise he wasn't going flying today looking at the way it was ambling towards the end of the ramp. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Renault
« on: 10 December 2021, 20:00:06 »
I had a test drive in a Lads Niva & a FSO Polonez back in the seventies/ eighties , luckily I had enough sense not to purchase either of them, even the salesman had to admit that the Ladas brakes were virtually non existent terrible for a brand new car finished up buying a year old LWB Nissan Patrol.

The commies produced some crap back in the day.

2 stroke Wartburg Knight anyone? ::) ::) ::)

A school mate of mine had one of them as his first car. It sounded (and drove) like it had a steam engine under the bonnet.  ;D

The trail of blue smoke behind it was a dead giveaway, though.

Hours of fun was had bump starting it in reverse and marvelling at the 4 reverse gears and one forward. :D

General Discussion Area / Re: WARNING!
« on: 05 December 2021, 21:26:00 »

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight dropping to bits
« on: 02 December 2021, 21:21:02 »
ISTR I've got a set of the resin ones that I bought for my Omega and never needed... somewhere.

General Car Chat / Re: Sneaky little punt
« on: 01 December 2021, 18:57:23 »
.. now you just need one for the other foot. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Boycott Chinese goods
« on: 01 December 2021, 00:05:17 »
Good luck with that. ;D

The vast majority of semiconductors are from China or Taiwan (not quite China yet, then) so if you want to listen to the wireless in your cave make sure it's an old  valve set. ;D

I sympathise with the sentiment, but the western world has gone way too far down that path to ever turn back now. :(

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