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Whatever you buy make sure its DAB radio. It made the old radio we used to listen to redundant several years ago, but many people havent realised yet.  :y

My Jag has DAB. I tried it for one commute, decided it was utter sh1te and went back to FM.

Omega General Help / Re: crank shaft sensor query.
« on: Today at 07:41:22 »
Most quite a lot of drives of all makes drive like idiots nowadays, because there is nothing to keep them in check. They can drive in the most appalling manner without any fear of being pulled up by the law, they know where the speed cameras are and most of them don't work anyway. It's a free for all, and most people expect, and even make allowances for, other drivers pulling out, overtaking dangerously, speeding and generally not following the rules of the road.

.. and don 't get me started on the wokerati who refuse to pass a oppsing side road without stopping to let someone out - even if there's no traffic behind them anyway. >:(

Omega General Help / Re: crank shaft sensor query.
« on: Yesterday at 00:02:17 »
...I suggest it as a service item because changing it as a matter of course at 100k is no different to, by way of an example, changing the water pump along with the cambelt on a VW Golf....

A colleague of mine has had 2 water pumps die within as many years on his Golf, one siezed up, left him standing by the roadside and very luckily didn't lunch the engine, but VAG cars are not unreliable. Oh, no! ;D

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 01 December 2023, 18:27:43 »
As the sun started to come up this morning, I put the space saver on the back of hers, and dropped the wheel I took off to my grumpy MOT man to remove the screw...

That was a nice birthday present for her  ;D
See, I know far better than you how to treat a woman.  Though the time you bought Mrs DTM an iron for her birthday does deserve credit.....

Nice, practical present, that. Must make ironing his shirts much more enjoyable.

Probably best to find a lightweight model next time, mind. :-X

General Car Chat / Re: Car features
« on: 01 December 2023, 18:25:26 »
Automation in cars is utterly pointless, and now it's filtering down to the French and Korean tat it's even more poorly implemented.

The more you take away from the driver, the more oblivious to the whole thing they become.

Unit it can drive itself with no intervention, what problem does it actually solve?

General Discussion Area / Re: Cruise ship pollution
« on: 01 December 2023, 07:37:22 »
Caught the tail end of a piece on the one show last night so open to correction…..

The European cruise ships create the equivalent pollution of 1 billion cars.

The chief “ eco officer” for MSC was proudly explaining what they were doing to reduce impact on the environment. .Some things were impressive like water and sewage handling. In Southampton they “ plug” the ship into the mains so theydont have to run the engines while docked. That mist be a thick cable………

Where are the environmentalists demanding the banning of cruise ships? Perhaps just stop oil folk could superglue themselves to the water line?

That would require them to actually see the big picture, silly.  ;)

.. and these ships drop enough junk into the sea once underway as it is... ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: What has P*ssed you off today?
« on: 30 November 2023, 22:59:12 »
May I take it from the pic that restricted performance tops out at 90mph?

Clearly tailored to the driver...
Being diesel it would be extremely unlikely to get anywhere near 170 mph :D
Does it have long enough between breakdowns for that much acceleration? ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: What has P*ssed you off today?
« on: 29 November 2023, 22:46:06 »
Merc drivers.   All of them.  Is it a requirement for a lobotomy upon purchase.

How oppsing slow can they all drive, and just how much fresh air can they give way to.


Is it a lobotomy, or because they're so blind that they willingly buy such ugly cars?

Don't forget a majority are senile too. ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Dublin Stabbings
« on: 26 November 2023, 11:17:05 »
.. and this is the root of the problem. The Police refuse to do their job, hold their noses and deal with the vermin.

One of them damaged Emma's car in her work car park. Usual vehicle - transit tipper, no doubt with no tax, mot or insurance.

He'd called into several other units on the site asking for scrap, and left a business card. We had CCTV of him damaging the car, which clearly showed the vehicle registration number and the driver's face.

This was all presented to the Police who were "unable to trace" him, apparently.  >:(

General Car Chat / Re: Latest money spinners
« on: 18 November 2023, 09:37:31 »
They put these cameras up on part of my commute about 9 months ago (rural A road, nobody to upset or maim, but "popular with bikers"). >:(

So, all this time, I've been a good buy along there. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the infra-red lights half way up the poles have now been turned on. Guessing they didn't have power until just now. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Potholes
« on: 17 November 2023, 15:48:09 »
I wonder if Rishi will appoint Rod Stewart as chief coordinator?

What if we used former ministers as initial ballast for filling the holes? They're no use for anything else, and there's loads of them....

I see absolutely no reason to wait until they're former ministers.

Omega General Help / Re: Omega X30XE emissions problem
« on: 16 November 2023, 21:59:11 »
Going back a step or two... Compression results that differ from one bank to the other speak of one bank that's got the wrong cam timing. An easy thing to check before stripping it down.

General Discussion Area / Re: Omnishambles.
« on: 13 November 2023, 23:16:57 »
The gift that keeps on giving.

Labour wont be worried.

Be interesting to see how Cleverlyintends to stop your boat people.

I could tell you how he won't. The clue's in the name. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: What has P*ssed you off today?
« on: 13 November 2023, 18:27:17 »
But I'm sure its Agile and Transformative, maybe even Lean.  So they can all pat their backs about how crap it is.

If we're into wankwords, then all I can offer is Minimum Viable Product. Mostly minus the viable. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Maybe that debris she idiotted did break it...
« on: 12 November 2023, 18:40:05 »
This reminds me. A bit of the undertray just behind the wheel arch liner on mine has got mangled, so need to fix that some time.

It appears to be made out of recycled cardboard, so not surprised it didn't fare well spending 6 years under a car. ::)

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