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Hi, Need a bit of help please.

Just bought a 2003 B Auto CDX Est 2.2 16V in really good condition that had two issues. 1: Pulling slightly to the left nearside and 2: the electric drivers seat rise and fall trying to engage, but not moving.

The 2nd I had on my first Omega a few years ago and that turned out to be an over extended worm screw thing under the seat. Though this time my mechanic has tried to loosen it with no success and is fearful of causing damage...

The bigger problem is the steering/brakes.
01: Initial examination in garage, all seemed pretty OK
02: Garage test drive. Result, slight pulling to left (as I'd noted), general braking all OK, but when pressed hard at the very end near the stopping point there is a distinct jump either to left or right. Whichever way the car chooses to go at that moment.
03: Next garage examination showed slight play on nearside lower arm, but according to garage well within parameters.

My mechanic doesn't like spending my money (A good thing) and baulked at me telling him to change both lower arms (After all the play was only going to get worse). However that has made no difference to the problem.

He has checked everything, steering box, all other arms and run a full diagnostic with nothing showing at all.

Our combined thoughts went to camber / tracking, but my concern is going to somewhere general that simply does what the machine says and that I fear won't help.

So my questions are:- Does anyone know anyone in the Tyne and Wear area that they'd trust to track the wheels properly (If indeed that's the issue) and how much force will it take to crack the seat worm screw.

I have to say at the outset that my mechanical knowledge is around zero. I can just about be confident enough to say that tyres are generally round and black.

Newbie Welcome Area / Newbie Saying Hello To All
« on: 12 December 2018, 18:30:05 »
Hi just joined the forum. I've bought my second Omega Estate after 3 years of regret after selling the first. Was really fortunate
first time round with no issues, BUT will likely have to call upon the knowledge and years of experience out there very soon.

Didn't mention:- I've got a 2003 B Auto CDX Est 2.2 16V

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