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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Author Topic: OOF and your personal data  (Read 20750 times)

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OOF and your personal data
« on: 26 May 2012, 11:11:14 »

If you have any questions about how we use your personal data, please post a thread in "General Chat" area, or if it is too sensitive for that, PM one of the Administrators of the site

Your Personal Data
Omega Owners Forum (OOF) stores certain private information provided by users.  This includes things like email addresses, IP Addresses, software used, when and what you visited etc, and additionally in the case of the OOF Shop site (, postal addresses and order history.

In the case of the forum (, this data is stored on a dedicated server owned and run by the OOF Admin Team. Offsite backups are stored at an alternative location by our IT provider. The Admin Team have varying levels of access to view all your data, with the exception of passwords (which are encrypted).

In the case of the shop (, this data is stored on a shared server at our 3rd party hosting provider. Although a transaction reference is stored, note that any payment details are processed wholly by Paypal, and OOF does not store these (or even ever gets to see these).

We have a legal responsibility to comply with requests for data from (or approved by) UK enforcement agencies.

User Tracking - "Cookies"
Like any interactive site OOF's 2 sites ( and use "cookies" (a small file we store on your computer/smartphone/device that can identify you) to track you. This is a necessity in order to maintain your session between different pages. Without this, we wouldn't be able to show you which posts you had read, and you would have to login between every single page.

EU Directive on Cookies
Under existing EU law we have to get consent to store certain types of cookie.  However, as our use of cookies is essential ("strictly necessary" and "functionality") to the running of the 2 sites, our understanding is we are fully able to get this consent via implied consent - basically by using the site, you consent to OOF sending you cookies. If you wish to decline this consent, your browser should provide a setting to block cookies, however, you will find the sites very difficult to use.

Using your Personal Details
We will not sell on your details to 3rd parties.  OOF is a NfP (Not For Profit) organisation, and running costs are covered by a combination of OOF Shop profits and our silent sponsor who provides our IT infrastructure. EU law gives you the right to have your Personal Data destroyed when no longer needed (GDPR), and anyone wishing to accomplish this can do so by hitting the Delete Account button in their profile. This wll not remove your Personal Details from our backups immediately, but the backups expire over time. Note, any forum Posts will remain, these are classed as Public Data not covered by EU laws, and as per our T&Cs, become the property of OOF once posted.

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