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Author Topic: How to get your photos on this site - DROPBOX  (Read 20837 times)

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How to get your photos on this site - DROPBOX
« on: 22 May 2011, 12:19:27 »

I personally use "DropBox" to upload and display photos to OOF, I find it easy, it works on any operating system.

Think of it as an online flash drive / memory stick. You get your own space online, that you can link to.

With their free account you get 2GB of space, which is more than enough.

You can download it here, and watch their videos on it:

Everything is stored with them, you can "install" dropbox on multiple computers and operating systems, it will then sync whats online with them, with your PC.

There is also an iPhone App, which is rather good. Upload your iPhone pictures, as well as having access to everything in your dropbox on the go.

DropBox puts a folder in your My Documents, anything you drop into here is put online:

It comes with 2 folders as standard:

Add as many as you like, but be aware, anything you put on here is accessible by the world, so don't put anything online that is personal to you.

I have fair few sub folders under Omega:

Now all you do is copy your photos into the dropbox folder. For example you may have your photos in:

My Pictures > Holiday 2010 > Day One

Copy them from here, to your chosen dropbox folder. But its important to remember you must resize them.

Photos taken with a camera are going to be far to big in terms of size of the picture, and size in terms of data.

Follow the top part of this guide for re-size:

Back to the guide, just copy and paste....

When its uploading, after you pasted your photos in, you will notice a blue sync dot in the bottom of the icon, when its ready and uploaded it will go green.

In the dropbox folder you will notice when you right click you gain an extra menu option, hover over this and select "Copy Public Link"

Once on OOF, just hit the Image button, and right click paste the URL inbetween the "[ IMG ]" brackets. this:

Thats it, job done, write what you want to write, click post!

Its also worth noting that anything can be uploaded to DropBox, not just photos and its all easily shared  :y

DropBox also pops a handy icon in the Tray so you can easily access it any time:

There is also the option to use dropbox via your internet browser, but I rarely use that, although it is handy if your at someones computer you don't want to install anything on  :)
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