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Author Topic: Sensors  (Read 14846 times)

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« on: 30 April 2008, 09:27:38 »

The following covers the majority of the sensors etc across the Omega range but, that in mind, the comments shown below are mainly V6 specific.  The 2.0, 2.2 and deisel variants will be a little different in some respects.

Crank shaft sensor - Can be problematic but, normally lasts for 100K miles
Cam shaft sensor - Not seen one fail yet
2 knock sensors - Only seen trouble with these when they have been physically damaged through carelessness.
Throttle pot - In theory they wear out but, not seen any hard evidence of this personally
Mass Air Flow (MAF sensor) - Uber reliable!
Air temp sensor - Never seen one fail
Coolant temp sensor - Very reliable, rare failure point
2 Lambda sensors - Very reliable, can be damaged by contamination

3 Vac actuators (2 for multi-ram, one for air injection) - Only seen them damaged, not failed
EGR - very rare failure, normally possible to recover through cleaning.
Carbon canister solenoid - not seen one fail yet, could be damaged though.

DIS pack - good for 100K plus and may last longer, tends to suffer from the iron core resulting so water leaks can cause failure.
Various relays - Uber reliable

Yes, there are quite a few but, only really one that causes an issue and that is generally good for 100K miles and if you consider a carb engine, the carb would be well buggered by that mileage!  
Autobox (for the infirm)
Servotronic steering
Self leveling suspension
Headlight leveling
Alarm/central locking
CD changer
Climate control
Electric windows
Sat Nav
Traffic master
Seat memory

They all have thier own microprocessors.

Even some of the sensors have micros (i.e. the headlight leveling sensors!)
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