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Author Topic: Code Readers  (Read 22791 times)

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Code Readers
« on: 02 March 2009, 22:20:04 »

Paperclip Test/Pedal Trick (Free)
Can get stored codes held in engine ECU for all engines except all 2.2 (petrol or diesel) and some 2.5TD.  See

Cheapo Tech2 (approx £30 from ebay)
Needs a laptop with a proper COM port - serial to usb adapters are unreliable. Can be flakey, and has a habit to change to Hungarian.

Reads most onboard systems, though not all. No Live data.

There is a supposedly more reliable software version for these interfaces available from and this may provide limited live data

Opelscanner (Approx £300)
Awaiting info/reports from opelscanner owners. Update - see post below :)

VauxCom/"My Naff Code Reader" (Approx £500)
Reliable, capable piece of kit. Shame about the price.

Reads virtually all onboard systems, and offers live data capability. Offers limited programming, but this is currently buggy and best avoided.

Standard OBDII (Approx £30 - £100)
Many different types, either standalone device, or ELM32x type devices. Reliable, often easy to use. Many can do Live Data.

Reads 2.2/2.6/3.2 engines only (some may also do partial autobox code reads).

For ELM devices, try

Real Tech2 (£3500)
The daddy.  Reads all onboard systems, live data, firmware updates, and config programming.
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Opel Autoscanner Advanced (Not CAN version)
« Reply #1 on: 06 March 2009, 18:19:34 »

[size=14]Opelscanner Advanced (Not CAN version)[/size]

This is a capable device that is way ahead of the cheap ‘eBay’ style readers, it does however retail in a much higher price bracket.

DTC’s for all ECU’s are accompanied by a text description and obviously can be reset (you can clipboard the code and description for future reference). The parameters from all ECU’s can be displayed in text and graph form, also live data can be analysed and also saved for further analysis.

Opelscanner cannot perform ECU firmware upgrades like a real Tech II however it will program / erase transponders to the immobiliser, reset engine ECU parameters such as block learn mode, perform display screen tests and exercise Headlight motors etc.

On my 3.2’s it has read all ECU’s except NCDR head units (+ their Navigation system function). I have successfully managed to connect to Omega’s with Y22DTH, Y26SE, Y32SE, X25XE and X30XE engines.

Aside from the Omega, the device and software is capable of a high level of functionality for most of the Opel/Vauxhall range (The CAN version is obviously better for the latest Opel/Vauxhall models) and it can also work with many of the older models including ALDL equipped cars if you have a suitable adaptor cable.
The device has lifetime support from the (Russian) manufacturers and if you have any comments or requests for future additions / corrections there is a forum to communicate through. The software is available to download (to registered users) and appears to be updated around four times a year.

I should also mention that I have managed to read and reset Saab and Volvo engine DTC’s with the ‘Generic’ option.

My opinion is that if you cannot afford a genuine Tech II but would like to be able to do more than just read and reset engine ECU codes then Opelscanner is worth taking a look at, especially if you have friends or family with other Vauxhall cars. It’s downside is the pricing level puts it out of the range of a lot of ‘Home’ users and places it more against the likes of the Sykes Pickavant type multi-car readers used by the independent trade who obviously choose such devices because of their multi-vendor versatility.
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