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Author Topic: Omega Display Types  (Read 25397 times)

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Omega Display Types
« on: 18 July 2006, 10:43:02 »

There are a number of different display versions that have been fitted to the Omega.

TID - Triple info display

Consists of a half size screen which displays radio info, outside temp and clock functions, some warning lights are inclduded below the main display. Early versions have a single orange connector, later (approx 98 on) have a single grey connector

MID - Multi info display (Early type)

(Notice the missing pixels - a common fault on these earlier MIDs).
Functionality as per above with the addition of computer functions (Outside Temp, Inst Consumption, Average Consumption, Range, Stopwatch), consists of a single full size screen. Early versions have two connectors one yellow and one black. Has 8 digit radio info line, which appears above fuel computer information.

MID - Multi Info Display (Later type)

As per early type MID, though has Trip Distance and Trip Consumption added to Fuel Computer functions, and has a 10 digit radio line, which appears below the fuel computer lines. Also has a Check Brakelights warning on display until you first press brakes. Single grey connector.

CCRT Display

Fitted to all the cars with CCRT radio sets, supports all the functions of the MID (if set to MID mode via Tech2, else it only has TID functionality) in a half height dot matrix display with some dedicated symbols to allow text etc from the phone function to be displayed, only fitted to mini facelift onwards. Has a single grey connector

GID - Graphical Information Display

For NCDx series radios only, with satnav functionality, a varient of the later MID with pretty much the same functions (except stopwatch functions) but not interchangeable. Is a full dot matrix display to support pictgram nav functiosn etc. Has a single grey connector.

CID - Colour Information display
Only fitted with NCDx radios, full screen, full colour, does the lot, supports all functions of GID plus colour map display. Has a grey connector and a black connector.
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Re: Omega Display Types
« Reply #1 on: 12 April 2009, 18:27:11 »

In addition, not that the left side of TID pic above is dark - this is a sign the backlight bulb that side is blown, easy to replace. Same with the right of the earlier type MID above. Both these have to backlight bulbs. Later type MIDs have 4 backlight bulbs.

The CCRT display above is shown outside of its housing, and 2 of the 3 backlight bulbs are blown.

The GID also take 3 backlight bulbs, but the CID uses a properly LCD style tube, which is not replacable.
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