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Removed some Sign Writing of a Van carefully using a Heat Gun, all good in that department, however there's an almost invisible tacky leftover residual left over that I can seem to shift tried everything from T Cut, Fairy Liquid, Petrol etc and more heat, it does start to come off but is bloody hard work for little results. There must be something out there which works well for this sort of thing, just need to know what ?


General Car Chat / Corsa C - Intermittent No Start
« on: 20 May 2021, 13:14:16 »
Car runs fine normally and starts on the button, however every now and then, normally after a journey and then parked up it will just refuse to Start.

I get the dreaded Key Imoberlizer flashing light on issue, I've tried all the usual restarts door entry, lock up / unlock another key but nothing,.

So far I've changed the main ECU, Im. Ring and box around the In. Key, both the Im. Chips in the Keys and the Speedo Cluster as was informed speedo needs to be changed with the above as well although still not sure about that one.

I'm out of ideas now, what have I missed.

General Discussion Area / Top Gear / Grand Tour
« on: 03 March 2021, 17:33:20 »
I didn't even know it had finished, but tbh gave up with it all when it went to Prime.

Anyway for those that missed the last farewell, here it is -

General Discussion Area / Oxford COV19 Vaccination and Brexit Tax
« on: 23 November 2020, 19:32:37 »
So here's a thought, how much Import Tax on the Oxford Vaccination are we going to charge our EU Members when we leave with Brexit at the end of December ?  :y

Or we just going to give it away like everything we've invented over the years, I mean why change the habit of a lifetime.  ::)

General Car Chat / LPG at Shell Forecourts (Autogas)
« on: 23 November 2020, 16:33:53 »
All 4 of my Local Shell LPG Station have stopped selling Autogas, thought it might be a local thing untill I searched it, No, Shell have ripped them all out Nationally, so that's that then  >:(

That only really leaves Sainsbury's and Morrisons left now as major sellers, possibly BP if the price is right and you can find one.

If Sainsbury's or Morries decide to follow Shells route, could be a Game Changer in the near future.

Is the end of LPG on the cards so soon. ?  :-\

General Discussion Area / Vera Lynn, Rest in Peace my Dear.
« on: 18 June 2020, 17:23:47 »
Died today at the wonderful age of 103.

God Bless you my Dear.

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Been getting a lot of it recently, do reload then seems ok, my end ?

General Discussion Area / Have a Nice Brexfast
« on: 31 January 2020, 08:26:55 »
Thats it                       

......ok a bit more, Im about to pop out and have a Sausage Roll and a Cup of Tea at the Tea Hut in the middle of Epping Forest.  :)

Might buy some Frankfurters later, if theres any left on the Shelves.  :-X

Anyway, nuff said, enjoy your evening, lets hope it all works out and good luck to everyone and lets hope we can all get back to normality, Unite and Prosper in the future  :y

General Discussion Area / India .....and that Smoking thing
« on: 20 September 2019, 15:01:20 »
The population of India is 1.39 Billion People, quiet of lot of Peeps, just to put it into prospective China has a Population of 1.42 Billion, so there not far behind and rapidly catching up.

Smoking, 70% of the Adult Males in India Smoke, yes 70%, and the Women are not that far behind, good news for the likes of The British & American Tobacco Company, Phillip Morris etc in terms of Sales Profits and obviously good news for the Indian Government in there Tax takings.

But heres the thing, you would think with these Alarming Smoking Figures which are also increasing, the Indian Government would want to do something towards the Health and Welfare of its People in order to help?

Well, now they have, this week in fact, The Indian Government, have, pretty much Overnight, signed off a New Rule to completely Ban, yes a Total Blanket Ban on            ......wait for it, ...Vaping, I think thats the one that helps Peeps give up Smoking but where you hardly make any Tax on.

The Ban, will include, The Sale, Manufacture, Distribution, Import, Export and any Repairable Parts or Items to do with Vape Devices and E Liquids with Heavy Penalties for those who choose to ignore the New Ruling.

Now, so what, you may think, if there all busy Smoking anyway, well 42 Million of them, and increasing, are Vapors, and to put that into prospective, if you add the all the Vapors in the UK, Europe and USA all together that totals to about half the 42 Million Vapors in India, in fact 42 Million is approximately half of all the Vapors on the Planet. So, serious repercussions on the Vaping Industry.

Its all about the Money Honey.

General Car Chat / Urgent Help needed - Vauxhall Zafira
« on: 29 July 2019, 18:43:25 »
2004, not parked near Home, suddenly the Key will not work in Ing Barrell (wont turn or budge) and steering Lock is on, problem is both the Front electric windows are now stuck down as cant get the Ing. to switch on, limited tools on board.

1, have managed to get drivers side door panel off, but looking at it I dont think there is any way I can force the Window Up, any ideas on this?

2, Any way I can force the Ing. to be on ie, force Relay etc, or electricary so I can at least get the windows up?

3 Any other thoughts or help would be great.

General Discussion Area / Watermelon - Ice Cold
« on: 26 July 2019, 01:30:22 »
Our local Asian / Turkish Supermarket were giving away Ice Cold Watermelon to all its Customers yesterday.  :y

My point being what a nice gesture to the local community in this current heat wave, but more to the point how refreshing it tasted, absolutely fantastic, how can something so simple be so refreshing and cool you down in the heat, how often do us Brits buy Watermelon ?  :-\

Yep, not many people know this but 50 years ago today, 21st July 1969, Russia Landed on the Moon,      ....well it was a kind of an Uncontrolled Landing, more of a Crash.

Lunar 15 was sent up by Russia on June 14, 1969, a few days before the Apollo 11 Launch, the Unmanned Spacecraft was capable of certain Scientific Studies including lunar surface photography, Lunar 15 was already in Orbit around the Moon whilst the Apollo 11 was planning its Landing on the Moon on the 20th July, the Russian Spacecraft after completing 86 communications sessions and 52 orbits of the Moon at various inclinations and altitudes began its descent.

Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin had already set foot on the Moon when Luna 15 fired its main retro rocket engine to initiate descent to the surface at 15:47 UT on 21 July 1969 just hours before Apollo 11 was due to leave.

So possibly a big achievement by Russia then ?, not really as Russia had Landed its first Moon Landing Spacecraft, Lunar 2, on the Moon 10 Years earlier back in 1959.

Seems that Unlimited Data Plans could be the New Kid on the Block,    ...again, with the once T Mobile Full Monty and Three's All you can Eat 3G Plans diminished into the background a few years back, and with there fingers burnt, Three seemed to, well kind of, offer Unlimited 4G with some Tethering Restrictions before once again now giving Full Unrestricted Data Use on there Re Branded Unlimited Plan for 22pm (Speed can be subject to FUP), the only other recent Offering was from Virgin Mobile on there Unlimited 4G Data Plans 27pm, that piggy back the EE Network but dont expect EE's Speeds though, as Virgin have stopped using EE's Internet Access and now use there own Data Access to the Nodes or Cell Towers, which can be quiet Throttled compared to EE Speeds.

Now Vodafone have launched there own take on it, offering a 3 Tier Speed Plans with Unlimited Data on their 5G Network (with 4G Roll Back), but at least you know where you stand in terms of your Maximum Speed Delivery, the Plans will have Speed Caps but no so called FUP Throttling, the Plans are Lite (2mbs), Unlimited (10mbs) and Max (Unrestricted).

So bottom line, could be a good thing and possibly force O2 and EE into Like Minded thinking?, or is this Unlimited Data Malarkey just going to be another Flash in the Pan Marketing Ploy, to get Peeps inboard and then start restricting there allowances over time , or is it here to stay?

Brief Plan Details and Costs here - or head over to

Unlimited Lite 23
Good for browsing, catching up on social media and streaming music. Unlimited Data, Unlimited UK minutes, Unlimited UK texts, 3-month free trial of Secure Net, 48 roam-free destinations, Speed: Maximum download of 2 Mbps

Unlimited 26
Great for watching shows and movies on-the-go, plus everything Lite can do, Unlimited Data, Unlimited UK minutes, Unlimited UK texts, 3-month free trial of Secure Net, 48 roam-free destinations, Speed: Maximum download of 10 Mbps

Unlimited Max 30
Best for super-fast downloads and UHD streaming, Unlimited Data, Unlimited UK minutes, Unlimited UK texts
3-month free trial of Secure Net, 77 roam-free destinations, Speed: Maximum available

On the last 2 plans you have the option to Add the Red Entertainment Packs and another 100 Uk  international minutes to call EU thrown in.

General Discussion Area / Vodafone Renewal Time again - or Not
« on: 09 July 2019, 16:48:05 »
29 Years with them now, told them make it 30 years or I WILL go, theres some good deals out there at the moment with the other Networks.

After a lot of Music on Hold and change of Staff x 5, I get offered this. 12m Sim Only -

120GB 5G Data
Unlimited UK minutes
Unlimited UK texts
500 international Outgoing minutes to EU from UK
Vodafone Global Roaming Plus, 48 EU plus 30 International
Full Data Allowance when Roaming
Secure Net
Your choice of entertainment for 12 months (Prime Video or NowTV)

9.50 plus Vat  :)

Probably will never use it all up, but would be rude not to at least try.  :D

Head over to eBay / Halfords / 150pc ToolKit currently reduced to 95 enter Code PURE20 at Checkout (before Midnight tonight)
gets it down to 76, a few more quid off if you use TCB and Nectar.

Click and Collect available at your local Halfords

Lots of other stuff on the Bay through Selected Sellers, using Code PURE20 remember ends tonight.

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