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 on: Today at 14:20:47 
Started by raywilb - Last post by Sir Tigger KC
No it can't be HMRC as they are all busy tending their allotments/walking the dog etc working from home.  :)

 on: Today at 14:18:58 
Started by raywilb - Last post by Rangie
Not had one for many years now, but as said previously the tax office wouldn't contact you by phone.

 on: Today at 14:10:54 
Started by ronnyd - Last post by TheBoy
Also turns out, judging by my morning so far, Linux isn't as immune to this as first thought.

This could get quite messy, quite quickly.
As a layman, I have no idea how the inner workings of the internet function. But I do notice a lot more outages and general slowness over the last year or so. Is it full?  ;D
Agile is taking over.  Even the invent of Agile methodology is saying its (the way everybody is using it) shit ;D

Also, the fascination with putting shit into a handful of large clouds, be that Amazon's, Microsoft's or Google's.  So the (frequent) cloud outages - MS' Azure had one Thursday night just before this chaos - have a massive blast radius.  But its Agile and sexy.

 on: Today at 14:10:27 
Started by raywilb - Last post by Mr Skrunts
Scam, as far as I am aware the Tax Office never rings anyone.

 on: Today at 13:51:42 
Started by Varche - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Thing is at this level, there's no such thing as a cheap fix. And eBay is a total minefield when it comes to used parts, actually anything for that matter, so it is always a calculated risk.

Just remember that CBA can also mean Cost/Benefit Analysis  ;)

 on: Today at 13:51:08 
Started by raywilb - Last post by Raeturbo
Yes bullshit ignore it

 on: Today at 13:42:43 
Started by Raeturbo - Last post by Doctor Gollum
VP Harrris a while back. " I want the kind of equality where everyone ends up in the same place".

#Marxist.  ::)

I notice  the word equity has replaced the word equality in the past few years.

The two have very different meanings and outcomes.

I have no issue with equality. Equity however...

 on: Today at 13:33:36 
Started by raywilb - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Nope, but that's not to say it doesn't stink of some really scammy bs.

 on: Today at 13:22:02 
Started by raywilb - Last post by raywilb
anybody had a call claiming that you owe back taxes & there is a warrant out for your immediate arrest. ?

 on: Today at 12:52:25 
Started by ronnyd - Last post by Rangie
There was an article in the paper last year predicting a total outage that will cause enormous problems worldwide, so perhaps this is the start of it . I can't pretend to understand any of it but any system getting overloaded  would obviously fail in the end, better draw some cash out just in case the atms fail completely.

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