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Author Topic: How To Remove Rear 12V Accessory Socket  (Read 11581 times)

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How To Remove Rear 12V Accessory Socket
« on: 23 December 2015, 12:02:25 »

Without butchering anything.  :y

Any good as a 'How To'?

Tools Required:
Modded Circlip Pliers and a flat knife (butter knife is ideal).

This can be done with the armrest in place or removed from the vehicle. I had to remove my armrest as the socket cable wasn't long enough for me to extract the socket from the console rear panel. For the few seconds that it takes to remove the armrest it may be easier to see what you are doing with it removed.

Adapt circlip pliers as shown below. I bent a couple of thin nails to the required angle and cut the heads off. They must be long enough to reach the plastic tabs inside the metal socket tube. They must NOT reach the bottom (for obvious reasons).

Locate the modded plier prongs inside the socket metal tube as shown below, locate the prongs to the upper half of the plastic tabs that you can see halfway down the tube and squeeze the pliers together. Slide the thin blade under the metal socket rim so that it sits between the main plastic collar and the upper metal rim, then twist the blade to ease up the metal collar about 2mm. Repeat on other side so that the inner tube is raised equally about 2mm. It will not come up any further as your plier prongs are in the way. If the prongs are located correctly, the inner sleeve should lift with minimum force.

You can now remove the pliers, slide the socket metal insert upwards using either your fingers or a gentle levering on both sides equally. The main plastic surround should still be in it's original position. When the metal sleeve has 'topped out' the main plastic surround will practically fall out. Now unplug the connector and job jobbed.

When you refit/replace, make sure that the metal sleeve is in the upper position, plug the connector back in, insert and locate the main plastic collar back in to the console rear panel and then gently push the metal sleeve back home.

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