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General Discussion Area / Re: Another lockdown coming ?
« on: Today at 13:51:34 »
Wales didn't get rid of the mask mandate and you still have to wear a mask in supermarkets etc, but has a higher case rate than England where you don't. Go figure...  ???

Incidentally, Rae caught me in his local Coop the other day, not wearing a mask and blissfully unaware that I should be!  ;D
In town and, mask less, popped into TUI to enquire after their Euro holibobs rate... Got offered Ä1.11 ;D Even the Post Office were offering Ä1.14.

Current staff rate at work is Ä1.18, although I will need to buy a mask to collect it ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Heat pumps
« on: Today at 13:44:44 »
Our Vaillant is easily 15 years old and going strong. Gets serviced once a year and sips gas.

Your headaches with it stemmed largely on GM not bothering to use nuts and bolts to hold the front upper cross member in place... The BMW lump being a fair old size ;)

Got a new and cleanish MOT on the V70.  :y
Did they wash it then :D

General Discussion Area / Re: Another lockdown coming ?
« on: Today at 13:23:11 »

Hardly a surprise given that the symptoms for TCV apparently range from diarrhoea to a slight headache and pretty much anything in between.

so an Imodium and an aspirin is all that's needed  :-\ perhaps you should pass that on to the W.H.O
I think you need to do a little more research DG
the range of symptoms starts with no symptoms at all ,spreading Covid to god knows how many other people  ......
all the way up to not being able to breathe ,long term health issues ,being dead etc
Nothing on that list is the exclusive pervue of TCV.

You obviously have every right to choose to hide under the mattress, but that's no way to live and I put to you the same question I put to Albs:

What did you do pre TCV?

BTW, you can get dog food delivered... Our Tibetan Terrorist gets hers straight from the factory.  ;)

I know there is a big thing at the moment, following the conviction of the copper who murdered that silly* girl in London.

Sadly, the fact remains, and will always remain, it is not safe for a woman to be alone in certain areas and certain times of the day.  Doesn't matter how many placards you hold up, or vigils, or chanting about change.  Not while you have a hole up your arse. I'd like to be able to wave a magic wand, but sadly, its what it is.

Legislation isn't going to help. Its already a life sentence to be convicted of rape, yet it still happens, especially to women (and I'm sure to men too, but with even more stigma attached, probably goes unreported).

I'm speaking about rape of strangers.  Assaults on non strangers are always going to be harder to get a reliable conviction on, as surely its going to boil down to one word against another.

* it was lockdown, why isn't anyone asking why she was visiting her mates miles away. Plus the obvious fact about a woman walking home alone at night.
Don't talk such utter f*cking shite. She was abducted, raped and murdered by someone who should have been protecting her. How the f*ck does the fact she was out alone at night make her 'silly', or in any way at fault?
He was hardly at work at the time...

If he had happened to own a vegan flower shop you would have heard a pin drop over the outrage :-X

These things tend to be preplanned or opportunist and you can't prevent either... You're already a victim or you're potentially a victim of timing.
You can be mindful of the former and defend against the latter to a degree, but that's a chance you take in life generally.

The course whilst accredited as a degree is actually run by an airline training department, the facility is at one of their maintenance bases, and is a five day week rather than the usual two or three. This is largely due to the practical element. Which makes it industry relevant and allows for holiday work as an unlicensed mechanic... Thus providing income AND building experience whilst becoming formally qualified.

The experience issue is a tricky one. Whilst my shift leader has no concerns with my ability, work ethic and accessing the relevant information, my current role is limited to a sliver of one sub section, specifically Chapter 25 whereas the Licence requires a broad spread of hands on across every system.

In short, I need to move on, the question is finding the most effective way to do so.  ;)
So - you get paid to do the stuff you enjoy doing (and have the aptitude for) then at the end you get a degree and the chance to get paid doing more of what you enjoy doing (and have the aptitude for).
When do you start?
Potentially September, although a couple of things have occurred in the last two days that could well expedite the moving forward phase... Which may or may not have an input on the degree... Either way would be positive.  :y

I'm quite confident, at 45, that peer pressure isn't a factor ;)

Just 45.  That explains a lot! ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D ;)
What's your excuse?

General Discussion Area / Re: Well this made I laugh
« on: Yesterday at 23:11:52 »
He's not a bus  ???
Itís a dedicated cycle route, that happens to allow buses...

General Discussion Area / Re: Sunlife Insurance
« on: Yesterday at 23:09:16 »
If the most redeeming feature of the policy is a voucher, that speaks volumes about the product.  :-X

The redeeming feature IS the payout.
But at the end of the day, if someone says you can have 120 quid, I expect it.
Not some half baked excuse because they canít be arsed to type in a serial number and find out where or maybe who spent it
That presumes that they know the serial number of the card they sent you.

And, in case you missed it, the card wasn't free ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Another lockdown coming ?
« on: Yesterday at 23:06:17 »
At the end of the day, it hasnt gone away. People are still getting ill and dying. So to my mind it makes sense to carry on taking reasonable steps to protect ourselves and others we may come into contact with.
About 8 weeks ago I picked up something which seemed to mimic Covid symptoms. It was very nasty indeed.
A week later it had transferred to swmbo .Being immunosuppressed it hit her even harder and she ended up going to hospital in the back of an Ambulance.
The Doctors were pretty confident she had Covid until the test result came back negative.
We wouldnt want to go through that (or worse) again, for the sake of taking a few precautions.
What did you do two years ago?

That would be a reasonable starting point for 'normal' life. Whatever normal is for you, or anyone else.

General Discussion Area / Re: Another lockdown coming ?
« on: Yesterday at 23:03:51 »
my daughter worked on the ICU wards throughout the last 18 months ... her recommendation for this winter is, do not get ill enough to go into hospital .... they were at bursting point weeks ago. Too many covid patients & not enough staff
Hardly a surprise given that the symptoms for TCV apparently range from diarrhoea to a slight headache and pretty much anything in between.

And if the statistics are to be believed being hit by a bus is also on the list ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Used car prices getting stupid
« on: Yesterday at 18:04:24 »
£960 for the Barge... Double what I paid for it ;D

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