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General Discussion Area / Re: Appointment
« on: 17 September 2021, 19:34:20 »
I had half a dozen stents inserted in 2006.  Went in via my wrist.  Was quite bizarre to be conversing with the surgeon whien he put them in whilst we both watched the process via a large TV screen!   ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: More TCV madness
« on: 17 July 2021, 21:57:07 »
To put a different perspective on the timeline scenario as regards deaths, in my previous employ a potential fatal RTC had a timeline of 30 days.  Ie, crash happens with casualty, if death within 30 days considered as a fatal crash.  If longer than 30 days, then simply a sudden death with various associated causes.

Sad but true…

My lad has a rocket3.  It can certainly be pushed through the twisties by a competent rider and he surprises a few on lighter bikes with greater power but less switched on riders.

Like the much maligned, straight line HD’s, ifridden by someone who knows their stuff, can scratch along quite well as well…

I know it's a shock for his family but what a great way to go. I'd prefer that to a slow and lingering death.

Yep, I think he'd gone by the time he hit the ground or soon after anyway.  :-\

The Grim Reaper came for me once, but obviously decided to leave me be for a bit.  :y  It wasn't a scary experience, quiet peaceful in fact, so death itself doesn't scare me. 

It's how we die that can be horrible, as we wouldn't let a dog go through what some people have to endure at the end.  :(

That bugger in the high viz, white cap, clipboard and knife on the end of a big stick came for me as well, once upon a time.

Personally, I have no memory of hitting the deck like a shot doo but do remember waking in the back of the ambulance, wired to buggery, and reaching to stand up and take on the world.

No one knows what’s in store so, to paraphrase what others have said, procrastination is certainly the thief of time.... 

General Discussion Area / Respect for the dead.
« on: 12 May 2021, 18:42:35 »
When I was a youngster (50’s/60’s) it was quite common when, on seeing the passing of a funeral cortège, pedestrians would stop and face the hearse with bowed heads as it passed.  Likewise, there was never a question of a car driver overtaking the principal occupant of the big black car taking their final drive.

It saddened me today to see a sombre file of big black cars heading down the local dual carriageway at a respectful 50 mph with assorted vehicles and trucks seeing it as nothing more than a hinderance to their journey with some actively booting their noise boxes past.

Very few stayed behind the queue.  Sad that public standards of respect have slipped so far.  Their time will come, some sooner than later given their driving style.

Hey ho.......

General Discussion Area / Re: Bad Parking
« on: 26 March 2021, 15:47:39 »
It was actually lost of propulsion power (these ships have the usual big engine driving the prop plus a set of other independent gen sets for hotel load and tunnel thrusters).

Throw in a cross wind and the fact that rudders are far from great without a prop running.....and you lose control.

Almost mr DTM.  Generator/Alternator setup also will be providing power for lube pumps, coolant pumps, lighting in the engine space as well as the hotel side of air on, fridges, fresh water circ etc.  A power blackout shuts down the entire vessel and if emergency systems don’t auto start quickly and the crew not quick to light the engine again, then it ends in tears.

General Discussion Area / Re: Bad Parking
« on: 26 March 2021, 15:34:54 »
As I understand it these ships run almost fully loaded and so with minimal ballast - and just enough bunkerage to get to the planned destination so as to navigate the canal with the greatest profit.

The canal tugs have very limited pull/push ability and salvage tugs they most certainly are not.

Think landy defender with a winch on the back versus a full blown truck recovery vehicle....   ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Bad Parking
« on: 25 March 2021, 13:48:37 »
Total power loss (blackout) and too slow to aux steering.  Last rudder correction still applied and momentum caused it to ground.
That explains everything except the running aground... There shouldn't have been anything shallow enough to hit... She'd have simply bounced back into the channel.

As stated further on this thread the sides are not vertical and it looks like the bulbous bow hit first and the rest of the ship would pivot on that point.

General Discussion Area / Re: Bad Parking
« on: 25 March 2021, 10:24:42 »
Total power loss (blackout) and too slow to aux steering.  Last rudder correction still applied and momentum caused it to ground.

Test Zone / Re: Hacked?
« on: 17 February 2021, 22:14:06 »
Talking of which... The latest member is another Audi Driver from Dubai  ;D

Not a crime in itself, we are not that draconian.
You know what's coming though  ;)


We can also see a little more detail than you.
If they were going to spam, it would likely be done by now.

We do not normally 'try and convict' people before they commit a crime.

I can hear a Panto mode shout of ‘oh yes we do’...  lol!   :D

General Discussion Area / Re: Lockdown
« on: 07 January 2021, 22:29:04 »
It runs on xBox and Playstation to, there are very few valid reasons for the majority

That’s what really grips my chit. 

Daughter is a primary teacher of some years and like me, gets really hacked off with some parents-not all - who are virtually demanding a free laptop so cherub can work from home.

Parent(s) have smartphones, iPads etc but cherub not allowed access.  Cherub also has a gamebox variant but parent(s) won’t allow its use for school.  Free or extended mobile data access available but again, it’s gives a laptop......

Your admin profile does not show you as being banned.

 :y :y

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