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General Car Chat / Pikes Peak a la Ken Block
« on: 17 May 2022, 19:37:35 »
“ Introducing: the Hoonipigasus! This is the hill climb beast that I’ll be racing at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It’s a Porsche 911 SVSR, built by BBi Autosport in partnership with Mobil 1, and it’s a one-of-a-kind, mid-engine, twin-turbo, 1400hp, AWD, 1000kg, weapon. This meth-fueled monster is intended to be the world’s ultimate Porsche race car build with the sole purpose of trying to win the top class in the 100th running of the legendary PPIHC race. We’ve also teamed up with former pro snowboarder, musician, and internationally acclaimed street artist Trouble (Trevor) Andrew, a.k.a. Gucci Ghost, to launch this incredible new livery on this build. The livery, color, and name pays homage to the infamous 1971 Porsche 917/20 “Pink Pig”. Lots of work and planning went into this, and this project is just incredible!“

Do a google for photos.

Now that sounds like a serious contemnder!

Pity as this year Sam could have won it.

It will be nice not getting nul points though.

General Discussion Area / Finland
« on: 12 May 2022, 13:33:45 »
Good thing to have Finland and Sweden in NATO?

Finland have 200,000 soldiers. That is quite a lot compared with say Britain.
Putin won’t be happy. Exactly what he said he didn’t want is happening.

General Discussion Area / Reason why electric has gone up?
« on: 14 April 2022, 10:09:57 »
Why have energy costs actually gone up?

Saw an item on uk news about dire straights of swimming pools. Costs of water, chemicals and heating have gone up dramatically. The end result will no doubt be more closures - maybe even a half. So an unexpected consequence will be lower health rates, more drownings in years to come from folk who never learned to swim.

In the 80’s I used to go once a week to the fabulous Victorian Erdington baths. Great memories. Scarborough doesn’t even have any public baths/ swimming pools any more . Only the place that costs something like £80 for a family to get in for the day

General Discussion Area / Sunaks
« on: 08 April 2022, 21:49:49 »
Oops. One rule for the rich and another for you plebs.

Don’t think that has done much for his chances of succeeding Boris.

General Car Chat / 2.0 peugeot hdi injectors
« on: 03 April 2022, 20:11:36 »
Vehicle has started misfiring at tickover but starts first time always. Also has “ smell” of diesel if. I stop. Not too bothered about it as only use 4x4 every day for a couple or three short twenty minute journeys at low speed.

I suspect injectors as it has done 130 k miles. Do I get the garage to fix the faulty injector ( assuming that is the problem and it isn’t water in the fuel)  or replace all four? Pattern or original?

Any thoughts please?

General Discussion Area / Reduce oil use
« on: 23 March 2022, 18:25:23 »
The International energy authority have suggested 10 points for reducing our use of oil.

IEA's 10-point plan to combat rising oil prices
Reduce speed limits on highways by at least 10 km/h (6mph)
Work from home up to three days a week where possible
Car-free Sundays in cities
Make use of public transport cheaper and incentivise micromobility, walking and cycling
Alternate private car access to roads in large cities
Increase car sharing and adopt practices to reduce fuel use
Promote efficient driving for freight trucks and delivery of goods
Using high-speed and night trains instead of planes where possible
Avoid business air travel where alternative options exist
Reinforce the adoption of electric and more efficient vehicles

Some interesting suggestions. 6 mph for cars might be workable. Delivery companies wouldn’t be pleased. Likewise efficient driving for freight trucks and delivery of goods. Are there any gains left to be made.?

Overall it is a good idea if there is something like 8% less available then cutting use by 8 % would help. Where is turn room thermostat down by a degree? Maybe they are all already on zero!

Do you think they will be adopted?

Well having had a few months to reflect, I shall be watching again.

We still haven’t had the findings from the final race debacle. Probably never will as o doubt there would be legal proceedings if they admitted failing to apply their own rules fairly.

Are Mercedes sandbagging over performance ? They do have history.

What will be fascinating is team mate performance in identical machinery. Not just Hamilton/Russell but Sainz/ Leclerc. Despite being no2 in peoples eyes, I think Sainz will finish the year higher than Leclerc.  In other teams, I think Norris will continue to show Ricciardo a clean pair of heels. It will also be interesting to see if Schumacher can better Magnussen.

I am not looking forward to Max and his smirk but fair do’s, Red Bull usually do well after new regulations. We will see.

Anyone else interested in the sport got any predictions?

General Discussion Area / P and O
« on: 18 March 2022, 17:40:04 »
Crikey that was brutal.

Another company on my boycott list.  Getting longer each day!

General Discussion Area / Lesser of the evils
« on: 16 March 2022, 13:19:12 »
How times change.

Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela “ back in the fold”. I wonder if any of them are oil producers to make up defecit from coming off Russian energy?

General Discussion Area / Shell and BP
« on: 06 March 2022, 18:28:42 »
Who would have thought they had exposure to Russia!

I read today that Shell made the difficult decision to buy discounted Russia oil ! Apparently the world needs the 8% that Russia contributes.

My take on it is they don’t want to see profits drop. Might have been better to have made a stance against Russia and say could folk reduce their consumption by 8% ( we easily did it during the Covid lockdowns).

Shell and BP are now on my boycott list.

General Discussion Area / Golden Visas
« on: 17 February 2022, 19:01:24 »
Hurrah, going to be scrapped in Britain.

Horse bolted door.

Same problem throughout Europe. Malta, Spain etc etc. what fools governments are. £1 billion of dodgy Russian money invested in Britain pushing up house prices.

General Discussion Area / Freedom Convoys
« on: 13 February 2022, 09:35:06 »
Seem to be quite popular in a number of countries with governments not really knowing how to handle them. Macron is understandably concerned in France as it could tarnish his reputation in the upcoming elections.

Had to smile at New Zealand's approach. They turned the water sprinklers on but that didn’t work so resorted to playing Barry Manilow songs. If that doesn’t work they could try Christmas songs like Slade.

General Car Chat / Project car.?
« on: 12 February 2022, 20:07:12 »
Lot of work required. :o

I had a mk1 Lotus Cortina back in the late 70s. Advertised it in Motorsport mag and a guy from Italy “ bought” it unseen for £600 then backed out - no space on his lorry.  It only cost me £200. He sent me £100 as a “sorry to mess you around” . So I advertised it for parts and a guy said he would give me £200 for the shell and log book. I had an endless string of people buying stuff like the quarter bumpers, badges, steering wheel, trim parts and made way more than £600. I felt like a vandal when the guy turned up and winched was was left onto his flat bed truck. Of course he was the one laughing now. It was an A framer too. Barn storage for 40 years would have been err difficult for me.

General Discussion Area / Makes one proud to be British
« on: 12 February 2022, 15:30:15 »

Amazing initiative using DNA to track him down. Some Spanish municipalities are using DNA to fine owners allowing their dogs to foul pavements..

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