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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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I was in Wales last week where you still have to wear masks in shops etc, but came back to England last night where mask wearing is now voluntary, so I was interested to see what people were doing.  :)

I stopped at Sedgemore services on the M5 southbound for a pee and a cheeky Macca's and out of habit had my mask with me but the majority of people weren't wearing them.  Today I went to Tesco's where the majority of people were wearing them...  ::)

To be honest I'm not bothered either way and don't feel oppressed or anything, so will always keep one handy and will wear one if requested to do so or find myself in a crowd in an enclosed place. Conversely, if I get to the supermarket door and realise I have left the mask in the car, I'm not going back for it.  :P

What are you guys doing?  ???

General Discussion Area / CCTV
« on: 20 July 2021, 21:57:23 »
One for the barrack room lawyers.  :)

Can people with CCTV on their house that records the street scene be compelled to share footage with the Police if there is an incident that might have been captured by their camera?  ???

TIA!  :)

General Car Chat / V70 Insurance
« on: 12 July 2021, 11:52:36 »
Renewal from Direct Line this year was 201.60 down from 220.64 last year.  :)

A quick search on gave me 135.89 with esure for fully comp with business use as well.  :y

Could be bothered to faff around with TopCashback this time as the last two transactions I did with them didn't track and I saw that they have deleted my support tickets.  :-\  About a hundred quids worth of cashback as well. >:( 

General Discussion Area / If Lord Opti....
« on: 03 July 2021, 16:10:35 »
.... goes AWOL over the weekend, I think it's safe to assume that we could find him here!  :)                                                                                         ;D

General Discussion Area / False Positives
« on: 28 June 2021, 10:46:56 »
I heard the other day that some school kids have worked out how to produce a positive result on their lateral flow tests using orange juice or coke, and then they all get sent home for 10 days!  ;D

This can't be true.  :-\  ::)  Can it?  :)  :D

General Discussion Area / # I'm Done!
« on: 20 June 2021, 23:30:16 »
Has anyone seen the # I'm Done trending on Twitter, where people are writing I'm done on their mask and sending it to Boris?  ???

I reckon he'll be getting a few more bags of post than normal!  ;D

General Car Chat / Mondeo Insurance
« on: 06 June 2021, 18:31:49 »
I've renewed the insurance on the Mondeo today and had 3 prices.

1) Renewal from Direct Line - 227.36

2) Swiftcover via - 163.84

3) Swiftcover via TopCashback/ - 146.75 less 30 cashback & a 20 Halfords voucher.

Dunno why the same policy from Swiftcover was so much cheaper from than, but if I get the voucher and cashback my insurance will have effectively cost less than 100!  :y

I have known my 90 something neighbours across the road for around 30 years now and they are friends as well as neighbours.

It was a nice sunny afternoon yesterday and I thought I'd pop over to say Hi as I hadn't seen them for a while, but then decided to mow the lawn instead and catch up with them in the week.

Alan dropped dead this morning.  Bugger!  :'(

General Discussion Area / June 21st
« on: 01 June 2021, 11:28:04 »
There seems to be a groundswell of opinion forming that Covid restrictions will have to be extended from June 21st due to the spread of the Indian Variant.  ::)

Is it just media stoking up a bit of hysteria?  Or is it necessary?  :-\

Will they or won't they?  ???

General Discussion Area / What The Hell Happened.....
« on: 25 May 2021, 17:21:34 »
...... To Argos?!

Seems that they have moved to online and Click n Collect outlets in in Sainsbury's?  ???  :-\

I need a new printer and the nearest Argos about 15 miles away has closed, which is a pisser because living in a rural area there's not much nearby and that one was handy.   :(

Amazon wins again!  >:(

General Discussion Area / Global Heating!
« on: 23 May 2021, 17:35:07 »
Not much sign of it round here.  :-\

What about you lot?  ???

General Discussion Area / Eurovision
« on: 22 May 2021, 23:33:42 »
Nil Pois...   :'(                              ::)                               ;D

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / FS - F/L Front Bumper
« on: 22 May 2021, 10:14:36 »
Front bumper for a facelift Omega in good used condition. Nocturno Blue.

Free to collector or whatever P&P costs.

General Discussion Area / Traffic Lights
« on: 21 May 2021, 19:40:18 »
Much hoo haa from the medjaa and everyone else who dislikes Boris about the government's traffic light system for travel, as apparently it's too confusing for people to understand and is causing chaos.  :-\  ::)

Here's how I understand it :-

Red: Essential journeys only. Quarantine in a government approved hotel for 10 days on return. Take a bunch of covid tests before, during and after.

Amber: Essential journeys only.  Self isolate at home for 10 days on return.  Take a bunch of covid tests before, during and after.

Green: Any journeys allowed including holidays.  Go have a good time, come home, no quarantine required. Take a bunch of covid tests before, during and after.

Seems quite simple to me.  ::)  :y

General Discussion Area / Ship Tracking Sites
« on: 07 May 2021, 19:32:25 »
Anyone know a good ship tracking site that will give an accurate location of Royal Navy ships?  ???

One of the aircraft carriers was in Lyme Bay last night and I assumed it was HMS Queen Elizabeth, so I posted a photo on our local facebook page.  Now everyone's piling in on me and telling me it was HMS Prince of Wales.  ::)  ;D

I can't seem to find a tracking site that will give me the location (probably for obvious reasons) and the best I can find is that QE arrived back in Portsmouth today which would have put her in Lyme Bay last night and PoW is in the NE Atlantic on her way to Leith, which seems unlikely that they'd go round the top of Scotland unless it's part of her sea trials.  :-\

I so want to be right....  ;D

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