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General Discussion Area / Respect for the dead.
« on: 12 May 2021, 18:42:35 »
When I was a youngster (50’s/60’s) it was quite common when, on seeing the passing of a funeral cortège, pedestrians would stop and face the hearse with bowed heads as it passed.  Likewise, there was never a question of a car driver overtaking the principal occupant of the big black car taking their final drive.

It saddened me today to see a sombre file of big black cars heading down the local dual carriageway at a respectful 50 mph with assorted vehicles and trucks seeing it as nothing more than a hinderance to their journey with some actively booting their noise boxes past.

Very few stayed behind the queue.  Sad that public standards of respect have slipped so far.  Their time will come, some sooner than later given their driving style.

Hey ho.......

General Discussion Area / Airbrushing, any hints or advice?
« on: 13 October 2020, 21:29:35 »
I now find myself at a bit of a hiatus as far as hobby’s and pastimes go to fill in my otherwise ‘idle’ time.

Finding that winter is fast approaching looking for something other than decorating the house, yet again.  This furlough thing fairly cut down her ‘to do’ list!

Have a fancy for doing some airbrush type thing.  No, not taking years or pounds of some photographic wannabe but painting model boats, cars, aircraft models and the like.  Might also dabble in cake decoration, who knows!

Anyone on OOF any experience in such things?

Thinking that the compressors available are generic Chinese knockouts and that an onboard tank is preferred rather than a pump to gun, to even out possible pressure variations, despite regulators.

Also, back in my plooky youth, badger was an airbrush name that was often read about in the magazines of the time.  Any newcomers that are worth a look?

Thanks in advance....   :)

General Car Chat / MOVED: F1....
« on: 06 July 2020, 12:49:19 »

As header. Looking for a facelift drivers door mirror complete. Bonus would be if it was in old mans gold shade.

Son broke it whilst taking wheeliebin out.


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