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General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 17 September 2021, 11:19:18 »
Turns out I may have done the local drivers a disservice as apparently someone decided it would be good fun to go round kicking the door mirrors of various cars in surrounding streets,unfortunately this person had a slight "accident" when the owner of one of the cars saw and caught him.
I had the same issue a few years ago  :( got through many replacement wing mirrors   >:(

It's usually kids who've had half a shandy on a friday/saturday night  ::)

Police resources are even more overstretched now and if they are caught the CPS and court system do **** all  :-X

"Kids today ..... NO respect.....  "

blimey , I've turned into a grumpy old git   :P    :D
If they weren't so busy facilitating woke bullshit, they might have a bit more time to do actual policing :-X

General Car Chat / Vectra C upgrade options...
« on: 16 September 2021, 18:55:03 »

That should give the VXR a run for its money in the torque steer stakes :D

General Discussion Area / Re: The Greenies M25 Protest
« on: 16 September 2021, 18:29:02 »
Snow ploughs arent busy this time of year.  :)
Gritting could also be effective  :D

It's the only approach that works :y

There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle, so the cost adds up especially if you inevitably aso need tyres, which is why there's no such thing as a cheap Omega when you buy one...

Hi all,

So I wish to replace the NCDC2013 with an aftermarket radio and I am wondering how I can keep the board computer?

This is an option I was going to investigate at one time:-
I like the idea of that :y but personally think the MID better matches the rest of the dash illumination.

General Discussion Area / Re: The Greenies M25 Protest
« on: 16 September 2021, 17:12:40 »
Once the first vehicle forces through, the traffic flow should stop them from getting too comfortable. Not to advocate deliberately running anyone over, and presumably their MO is to wait for the exit slip road lights to go red before setting up :-\ If this happens in front of me, or it looks like it might, then I would seriously consider running the light (to avoid a situation of imminent danger).

 In fact, if HA were on the ball, they would turn all the traffic lights off.

Impeding a highway and being a pedestrian on a motorway without just cause are presumably both still a thing.

I wouldn't advocate martyring any of the freckles waistrels, but the genuine possibility of being seriously injured ought to be enough encouragement for them to move.

General Discussion Area / Re: Sony Vaio Notebook Help
« on: 16 September 2021, 16:58:14 »
Sony Vaio PCG-21313M

Trying to help a friendShe bought the above notebook worked ok at first.  Then it started loading a Comet page showing the spec to the notebook.  Press the esc key it asks fot a pass word to go back to Windows 7

Is there a way round it.
Is there a common password that Comet used.

Do I have to obtain a USB Windows setup to reformat/install it.


It loads Windows 7 Starter 1st, then goes to the page but too fast for me to access  any files to try to stop it.

She? randy old sod.

Are you hoping for a 'legover'?  :D
Perhaps it fell of the bed and he feels responsible  :D

And that's on top of any Bose/non Bose issues.

The guide in the Maintenance Section was written by me and refers to upgrading the basic Triple Info Display to the Multiple Info Display along with adding various items such as coolant/washer/oil level senders.

Because of the extra features of the 2013, this is effectively a down grade, although much of the wiring you need is already going to the display. You'll need an age appropriate* MID with plug and 4" tail.

Re the wiper stalk, you need to see if the extra wiring is present at the column. Remove the column cowls and look for a small four pin plug (3 wires, brown/red/white or whatever the guide says). Pre '01 it will be a larger plug with more wires as you get a variable wipe control... Later cars have a rain sensor, so the only wires are for the BC.

If you have the spare plug taped up, the you simply need the matching stalk. No plug, then you'll need the stalk, both plugs and a 4" tail (you'll need to connect this appropriately to the MID plug.

Investigate what is currently fitted, establish what you require and go from there. Once you have the parts, it's simply a question of matching and connecting the wires as per the MID plug (NOT the current display). Use solder and heat shrink and do one wire at a time. You will have extra wires left over, so this method should ensure that nothing is missed.

*Don't trust ebay sellers on this point. There is plenty of info regarding the various screens on here in the FAQs/Maintenance Guides.

Omega General Help / Re: 2.5 front springs and top mounts
« on: 16 September 2021, 05:34:05 »
I went with Febi for the bump stop/boot and Pedders for the top mounts.

Febi top mounts will be perfectly fine for your needs WB :y

Carpartsinmotion have proven themselves to be reliable suppliers IMHO...

Omega General Help / Re: Cam sensor
« on: 15 September 2021, 22:22:11 »
Probably Siemens being a Desmond...

Omega General Help / Re: Heavy duty shocks
« on: 15 September 2021, 14:54:39 »
You're welcome  :y

I have done very similar to my Omega and it really is a lovely thing to drive.
They are worth spending some time / money on to get right because they reward the effort.  :y

People are reluctant to put the effort in because they cannot see how it could possibly make such a difference... It's a big sloppy Barge after all  ::)

If you want to justify the cost of a decent alignment, then you should consider that the savings in tyre wear will outweigh this. The way it transforms the car in how it drives is a massive bonus, even if you don't use the chassis to its potential, you will appreciate how much easier and nicer it is because you're no longer fighting it.

I am glad that you bit the bullet and understand/appreciate the significant improvement to the car, and have taken the time to report back. Hopefully other owners will read your comments and take them on board as the supposed lacklustre handling is one of the main reasons why the Omega has always been so underrated.  :y

Omega General Help / Re: Rear brake discs
« on: 15 September 2021, 09:18:59 »
The most simple set up I've come across are the pins on my TDM ... they look like a wire nail & held in place with a small R Clip .... i really can't think what they're like on my Merc & Smarts  :-\
That's how the front pads are held on the Mk2 Granada. Loose fit, but zero hassle.

Both ends of the Barge are a variation of the Omega rear set up... Fronts use two pins and a spring, rears, one and a spring. Fitted new kits when I replaced the discs and pads as they weren't in the best condition ;)

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