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Author Topic: Replacement electric sunroof control knob  (Read 70 times)

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Replacement electric sunroof control knob
« on: 22 September 2022, 22:56:31 »


Recently the alternator on my Omega died. Once it was out of the worshop, the sunroof didn't work when I turned the knob which opens and lifts it. This something I expect when I have battery-relaed issues and it is fixed by pressing the control knob for a few seconds. So I pressed it in order to reset it, as I did many other times.

This time, the plastic inside the knob broke and I ended up with the whole knob in my hand. Apparently, there were very few Omegas with electric sunroof sold in my country, so it is very difficult to find the piece in scrapyards.

I tried to post in the trading section of OOF, but apparently I haven't earned the right to do it, so I'm writing here. Maybe someone can sell one to me or point me to any other piece I can use to replace it.

I've searched for the GM part number printed in the piece (90563246) and I've found only references to Omega, but maybe the same knob was used in other Opel, Vauxhall or other GM cars and I can broaden my search options a bit. Hopefully someone here more knowledgeable than me has some info about it.

These are some pics of the piece:

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