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General Car Chat / Re: Cash For Crash
« on: 19 May 2021, 11:06:45 »
Oh, I think he just did... ::)
You're right.....I did.

and as we say in Essex . . . . Is  he bovvered ?  ;D ;D


 £43.00 how much.. sold one last week, £25.00 delivered, no wonder I'm poor.

Yer . . .BUT . . . that was to a  Hoofland curry club member  ;D ;D ;D

Glad the Op's door is now open .    :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Dentist again.
« on: 08 May 2021, 12:28:45 »
I went recently for my 6 monthly ish check up . £23 quid ish  Usually have a clean and polish included in that. Practice has now been taken over it seems  . . . Quote " we cannot do the clean and polish because of covid restrictions". . but . .  " you can have our hygeneist do it for £39 manually or £ 49 with the machine ". Paid in advance !  Thought it was a con  . . but went for the £49 one at another appointment a week later .  Pleased with the result  . . but  . . not pleased when the hygeneist  said . .  " i'll see you  again for another clean  treatment in 3 months" ! and ANOTHER £49
My teeth have never been cleaner  :o   just another con to "Extract" cash not teeth.
Be interesting to see if the clean and polish on the £23 NHS check up ever comes back

Now sorted at a very reasonable price thanks to the Hoofland omega spares Co.    ;D ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Drivers door keeps unlatching
« on: 01 May 2021, 11:01:59 »
Thanks Doc . . .

Got a faulty drivers door catch. Looking for a good used one please.

Omega General Help / Re: Drivers door keeps unlatching
« on: 30 April 2021, 16:24:28 »
OK   who's got a spare one.?
Gonna post up in wanted 8)
Can anyone post up a pic of how it fits in . Assume its door card off and cuts /damage to hand fitting it in and out  :'(

Omega General Help / Re: Drivers door keeps unlatching
« on: 30 April 2021, 12:37:46 »
Probably the best way out Steve  ;D

Omega General Help / Drivers door keeps unlatching
« on: 30 April 2021, 12:32:27 »
Got a problem where the drivers door keeps coming unlatched. Tried  adjusting the keep on the pillar. . . No difference. Thinking it may be wear on the actual latch part fitted into the door.  Any advice please

Omega General Help / Re: front wheel bearings
« on: 15 March 2021, 09:20:47 »
 I attempted this  . . .and completed with no problems .  Just a bit of brute strength needed and follow the Docs list of instructions  :y 

There is a guide in maintenance I believe

General Car Chat / Big thanks to biggriff re fuel pump
« on: 12 March 2021, 19:52:13 »
Would like to thank biggriff for going the extra mile in helping me out with this fuel pump problem. He duly sent me a box full of pumps and associated gubbins so that I could get the omega back up and running. Had and still having a nightmare  with the e bay supplier. Had to buy 3 different pumps on their advice. . .First two wrong parts. 3rd was the right one but they then cancelled the order saying they only had 2 and they are both damaged ::)
So thanks biggriff the omega is running sweet again.  Oof at its best :y :

Moral is:  As TB says . . Avoid e bay at all costs if possible  ::)

Omega General Help / Re: Fuel pump issue ? is it fubared ?
« on: 12 March 2021, 19:45:09 »
Finally got this sorted after a calamity of errors by e bay supplier. Used a 2nd hand pump . See general car chat

Umm!  While Oof usually prides itself on getting to the bottom of and getting Omega faults and issues sorted. . There does not seem to be a lot of response from the OP on this one  :-\   can't diagnosis it if we don't get  information  ;)

Car has not started after all work complete

Spanner light is now on and will not go out...

Genuine parts have been fitted so I am now at a loss 😔😔

BUT . . as i see it . .   still no mention/ reply  from you of having read the codes ??

I advised about the key chip / immobiliser in reply #1 on this thread  . . but OP has not responded on that issue.

I recall that Toledodude (Paul ) had an issue with the immobiliser light being on and it was a ECU failure but that was 2.6 V6

Question for knowledgeable Oofers . . As for the dash lights (inc. engine management ) . . wont they be lit until the car actually starts and runs ?  :-\

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