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Thanks for your help everyone!!!
I forgot to mention that I have had a new coil pack fitted as well

Does the fact the immobiliser light is on and won’t go out mean that I have to get the immobiliser to deactivate?

I do have fuel as this squirts out when I open the fuel line but I have no live feed across fuse 18 so I am thinking immobiliser??? Or am getting Omega madness!!

Car has not started after all work complete

Spanner light is now on and will not go out...

Genuine parts have been fitted so I am now at a loss 😔😔

Hi I am new here.
My omega decided not to start the other morning..
I have owned the car for about 7 months and had no issues until now.
Car is 2.2 auto petrol full service history and only 62k miles.
Garage have fitted new cam belt kit crank sensor and cam sensor but car still will not start.
I have had the RAC to check it over and they said ecu is only sending 2.6 volts to crank sensor and therefore no spark is being produced.
I have been through the wiring and earth bonding and found no obvious faults 😔.
Can anyone suggest next course of action please ??

Newbie Welcome Area / Help please
« on: 05 March 2021, 13:17:06 »
I have a 2.2 petrol omega cd 52 reg engine is z22xe
I have fitted new coil pack cam sensor and crank sensor but only have 2.6 volts at crank sensor plug from ecu.
Obviously Car will not start as no spark.
Have checked wiring and earth but no joy😔
Any ideas please?

Newbie Welcome Area / Hello
« on: 05 March 2021, 13:10:29 »
Hello everyone I am a newbie here😁

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