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Omega General Help / 2.2 HBV vacuum feed
« on: 29 July 2022, 11:51:09 »
Have removed a leaky HBV on a 2003 2.2 16V. Bit of pain to get the hoses disconnected. Anyway the HBV came out with the vacuum tube still attached. It seems that we accidentally pulled the other end out of it's rubber connector. It's only 5 inches long, so wherever it connects must be very close by.

Am I correct that the mating connector is on the bulkhead somewhere around the heater matrix pipes?
Is it just a rubber socket? And is it flush, recessed or protruding?
Is it just a matter of pushing the tube into the rubber or might the rubber socket have disappeared into the cabin?

I imagine that it would be easier to see what's going on if we disconnect the matrix pipes from the bulkhead. That said, I'm reluctant to risk disturbing them for fear of creating another leak. What's the secret to getting them to disconnect, if it comes to it?


In case anybody is interested there is a V6 timing belt kit for sale on ebay at 56 delivered (49.99 + 5.99). Genuine GM Vauxhall kit described as "new old stock". The seller says it's never been fitted to a car.

The included lower roller should be the eccentric adjustable type, so kit is equivalent to Conti CT990K1 and Gates K025453XS.

Seems to be a bit of a bargain given recent timing kit pricing.

I want to fit a new set of GM front pads. Part# 9192124.

These pads have asymetric backplates. One of each pair has a glued on shim with a rectangular window cutout, So this pad is about 0.5mm thicker. The other pad in a pair has no shim. Please see photo.

I can't remember which pad goes under the piston. Is it the rectangular cutout?

Omega General Help / Hand=brake shoe turnbuckle adjuster
« on: 11 September 2019, 22:11:51 »
Can anybody confirm which direction the turnbuckle adjuster for the handbrake shoes needs to turn to push the shoes onto the drums? TE. the star adjuster accessed via the hole in the disc and hub. Upwards or downwards?

I've replaced the rear discs but I can't seem to get the offside shoes to bind. The nearside seems OK. Both the wheels are off the ground and the gearbox is in neutral.

Having had a closer look at the exhaust problem mentioned here, it seems that the flexible pipe section in front of the downstream cat is blowing at one end. See photo below. The outer weave is torn on the right edge, upstream side of the main cat. The main cat itself seems to be working as there is no EML

Is there a way to repair the flexible section or do I need a whole new 'Type Apptoved' down-pipe with cats?
Did the factory Z22XE downpipe have a flexible section or is this an aftermarket?


Omega General Help / Exhaust for 2.2 estate
« on: 05 August 2019, 16:10:28 »
For a 2.2 16V auto estate. One of the centre boxes is blowing so I guess it's time for a new exhaust.
Are the ones from Eternal Car still any use? There seems to be a lot of complaints on the forum along the lines of 'damaged in transit'.

Eternal's is 105 delivered. Actual manufacturer is Polmostrow, Polish I imagine.

Or there's a Gerlach from Poland @ 115.

Or I've had some success with these from carexhaust_eu in the past @ 112 delivered, might get a 5 off. Actual manufacturer is not specified, but the V6 versions supplied had plenty of metal in them.

Omega General Help / 2 button key fob shell
« on: 18 May 2019, 17:01:27 »
What's the part number for the mating half of a 2 button key fob shell, ie the piece that mates with the half that has the buttons and holds the circuit board = GM# 9195343. It's the item with the orange seal in this photo.

General Discussion Area / Portable high pressure tyre inflator.
« on: 28 March 2019, 16:52:39 »
Any recommendations for a 12V portable tyre inflator. Want one to keep in the car to pump the tyres. And also high pressure bicycle tyres? Powered by the cigar lighter or clips on the battery. Occasionally use but reliable.

Had one of the first Lidl compressors. Was slow but great. Lasted well over 12 years. Went to 10bar. The current models can't even top up all 4 corners before the switch melts. So I want something that works that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?


What size is the splined socket key required for the bolts that secure the carrier flange? Or is a splined Allen key better?
What torque are they done up to?

The pivot pins for the parking brake shoe thrust springs are inserted from the back on later cars, secured on the front side with a cupped washer. On older cars it was necessary to (temporarily) loosen the carrier plate bolts and move the carrier plate outwards to retrofit new type pins. The older pins were inserted from the front into slots in the flange carrier plate. However is it still necessary to move the newer carrier plates simply to fit replacement pins?

Omega General Help / 2 button key fob not working
« on: 17 January 2019, 16:43:31 »
Yesterday out of the blue wife's key wouldn't open the doors. The little red led on the key is not lighting up. It's a later two button fob where the shell separates from the key. Car is a 2003 CDX estate, 2.2 16V.

I changed the battery but still doesn't work. If I press on the top of the battery then the buttons work. The battery holder seems not to be securely attached to the circuit board underneath. Pressure restores contact.

So removed the circuit board and it seems that the earth side of the battery holder has fractured where it is soldered to the circuit board. Two small for me to solder. Especially as it's on the bottom of the battery holder.

So I guess I need a new shell with circuit board? What do I need to buy and what's involved in programming it to the car. I still have the transponder chip in the key section.


Omega General Help / Suitable glue for bonnet rubber
« on: 17 September 2018, 17:27:18 »
What sort of glue do I need to stick these spongy bonnet rubbers into place?

Omega General Help / 2.2 ignition control module (coil pack) boots
« on: 07 August 2018, 18:24:42 »
I recently had to replace the cam cover seals on my 2.2 16V as it was leaking. The plug wells were full of oil. I removed the plugs and they looked serviceable, so I put them back in. However 3 out of the 4 rubber boots for the plugs had a small split in the lower skirt. Perhaps 6mm to 8mm in length. The main body of the boots was OK, just the bit that's deepest in the wells are split.

The splits didn't look like they might spread upwards towards the plug caps. So do I need to replace these boots? And is there any urgency?
Are spare boots even available?


Omega General Help / Facelift door mirror replacement
« on: 29 July 2018, 15:48:39 »
I'm finally getting around to replacing the slightly smashed nearside mirror shell & bezel on my 2003 estate. Is it necessary to completely remove the door card to get good access to the bottom screws holding the mirror mount? Or is there some easier method?

Omega General Help / 2.2 cam cover sealant
« on: 13 July 2018, 11:08:33 »
Has anybody got a photo(s) of where the cam cover sealant goes on the 2.2 Z22XE? IE to visualise the below? Thanks,

"Apply the sealing compound to the areas to the side of the cam clamps which are at the pulley end of the cams (i.e. the front of the engine on the Omega). It should be applied so as its parralel with the cams and starts at the front of the head and finishes at the rear of the cam clamp. Ensure that it is a reasonable size bead which is touching the cam clamps."

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