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Omega General Help / Re: cam cover
« on: Yesterday at 13:14:03 »
From the manual ....

8.4.1. Fluid leaks
You must check for fluid leaks on all vehicles other than Class 3. You should do this with the engine idling.

A leak of fluids such as engine coolant, screen wash and fluid required for Selective Catalyst Reduction are not reasons for failure.

You should fail a vehicle if a fluid leak creates a pool on the floor within 5 minutes thatís more than 75mm in diameter or if there are many leaks which collectively leak fluid at the same rate.

You can refuse to carry out the test if thereís an excessive fluid leak.

so it has to be p155ing out to fail ,minor leak is "pass and advise"

General Car Chat / Re: Key fob
« on: 06 August 2022, 12:31:00 »
Martin did some key fobs for me recently  :)

General Car Chat / Re: My LR Reliability thread
« on: 06 August 2022, 12:29:12 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Ha ha cockadoodle
« on: 04 August 2022, 12:08:57 »
It's got 3 "openings" ,so it's female surely  :D
whoever stacked this pile of breeze blocks clearly doesn't know how to stack breeze blocks  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Tracking build and delivery of new car.
« on: 03 August 2022, 17:28:11 »

I mean, how does a business make money if it can't supply goods to it's customers? :-X
they take thousand pound deposits on stuff they don't have ,and won't have any time soon  ;D  :D

Omega General Help / Re: 2.2 HBV vacuum feed
« on: 29 July 2022, 18:04:31 »
the O ring will be stuck ,try twisting/rotating the pipe clockwise and anticlockwise

Omega General Help / Re: Identification of plug & socket
« on: 28 July 2022, 10:35:02 »
Part of the MOT test is 'no damaged or dangerous wiring"  ;)
so it was worth resolving  :y

General Car Chat / Re: Astra J - Weird electric behaviour
« on: 25 July 2022, 23:11:41 »
Computers , ECUs etc don't like extreme heat and throw a wobbly
Engine ECU is under the bonnet on many astras  :'(
If it's OK now after "turning it off and on again" I wouldn't spend too much time and money chasing ghosts .

though I hear we have a 2 week heatwave due mid August  :P

Omega General Help / Re: OIl leak and blue smoke
« on: 25 July 2022, 22:57:31 »
The OP's issues may not be down to p155y 5w30
I base my comments on what others have said here on OOF ,plus various Vauxhall forums over the years about 100K vauxhalls and 5w30
plus maintaining all the families Vauxhalls for may years .

It's £18 for 6 litres of 10W40 ACEA A3 (petrol cars) so worth a try IMHO

Omega Gallery / Re: The invisible Omega
« on: 25 July 2022, 09:20:33 »
A very interesting read  :)
Not sure how true it is ,BUT ...
I heard silicone contaminates the Lambdas ,not sure how much silicone is in silicone grease  :-\
but i thought i'd mention it ,just in case there's any truth in it .

Omega General Help / Re: OIl leak and blue smoke
« on: 24 July 2022, 15:52:19 »
You can get the car warmed up on private land / drive (flat, not too sloped  )rev to get the exhaust hot  :y
go for a test drive once the smoke has lessened hopefully   :)
pick a time and route to avoid traffic ,just in case  ;)

if that goes well i'd stick a bottle of Cataclean in

it may be down to having an oil change at a garage that is not familiar with older cars ,plus the recommended 5w30 on service data etc  and the garage probably don't even stock 10w40 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil ACEA A3

(Vauxhall trade club 10w40 is no longer readily available )

I hope it goes well for you  :) ,As finding a replacement car as comfortable and nice to drive won't be easy ,as many OOFers have found out  :(

Omega General Help / Re: OIl leak and blue smoke
« on: 24 July 2022, 14:38:08 »
Was the car was OK a few weeks ago ?(running with no smoke or issues )  BEFORE the oil change and you cleaning the breathers out   :-\
maybe swapping to 10w40 semi synthetic and double checking you have connected the breathers up correctly (we all make mistakes ) may solve the issue . BUT remember it will take a while to burn off oil inside the exhaust  ;) and a new oil pressure sender switch/sensor (about £10)
"stop smoke" thickens the oil but 10w40 is thicker anyway .
how many miles has it done ? has it been well serviced in it's lifetime ? has anything else happened recently  ? ran low on oil recently ?
the hot weather won't have helped if you where driving with p155y 5w30 in 40 degree traffic jams .

so many unknowns and unanswered questions to just to internet diagnose without the full story .
many a car has been scrapped after a flippant miss diagnosis comment by a recovery company driver  :-X

General Car Chat / Re: What's everyone driving these days?
« on: 24 July 2022, 10:24:59 »
Ive driven one with no exhausts after the cats. It sounded lovely:y
I've driven my 2.6 a few yards without cats or exhaust (after my cats got nicked ), sounded loud and expensive  :D

Omega General Help / Re: OIl leak and blue smoke
« on: 24 July 2022, 10:18:46 »
Does it say on the receipt what oil was put in at oil change ?
all the computers and motor factors say use 5w30 fully synthetic BUT
Omega owners here say 10w40 semi synthetic   ;)
in my experience with 100K mile vauxhalls of the era ,5w30 semi is too p155y .unless they have had good quality oil ,regular service etc .
5w30 will leak from seals, blow past rings ,leak through VSO seals, strip built up deposits from parts of the engine etc
I've had a 1.6 with stuck piston rings AFTER a garage did a flush and used 5w30 oil (to reduce emissions  ::) )
I had to strip that engine ,clean everything and rebuild it  >:(
the high emissions proved to be an injector leaking once rebuilt ,and it passed MOT with virtually zero CO & HCs 

You should check if the blue smoke is actually coming from OUT the exhaust as part of your initial investigation IMHO

Omega General Help / Re: OIl leak and blue smoke
« on: 23 July 2022, 22:27:40 »
so the sensor is close to the oil " twin rubber hoses at front of plenum" where it's dripping ,
OIL spray from a leaking sensor could travel to the cats and exhaust manifolds etc and be burning /blue smoke  :-\
" artsoul_no1" needs to confirm where the oil is leaking and if it's blue smoke out of the exhaust or just burning off .
lack of power could be a contaminated MAF if oil is being slung about by belts  :-\

though I agree a compression test is a good idea if oil is being burnt in cylinder / smoke from the tailpipe

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