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How do I know what headlight bulbs to fit to my Omega?


Easy peasy... there's a label on the (genuine) units which tells you.

Simply undo the two 8mm hex screws visible on the slam panel, and pull the light cluster forward slightly. Don't go mad, you just need to be able to see the label clearly. Any more than 5mm and you'll likely damage the lower mounting bracket.

The label looks like...

Bulb info is to the right of the GM logo... In this example, a faceliift xenon unit, the bulbs are as follows:

1. H7 main beam halogen.
2. D2S dipped beam xenon.
3. W5W side light wedge bulb.
4. PY21W orange indicator bulb.

Facelift non xenon the same except 2. which is H1 dipped beam halogen.

For changing the bulbs, either remove the unit... 3x 8mm hex screws or remove the air filter housing for right hand bulbs, or battery for left hand bulbs, and in both cases also the triangular trim piece above the light.

If you have access to small hands, then simply removing the trim will suffice and for changing xenon bulbs the unit must be removed asthe rear cover is screwed in place.

Removal of PFL units with headlight washers requires bumper removal (its possible to do without, but takes longer)


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