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General Omega Information

What is prefacelift/facelift

Model Enhancements by Year

Reading the VIN plate

Cambelt Interval

Genuine/OE/Pattern parts

What is TIS/EPC/Autodata

What is The Paperclip Test

Omega Performance Figures (2001)

Omega Petrol Performance Data (2001-2003)

OOF Recommended Servicing Intervals

MOT Tester's Manual

Identifying Police Calibrated Speedo

Facelift Owners Manual

General Guide To Facelift Omegas

external lamp/bulbs - numbers

Engine (Mechanical)


Engine Theory - Compression Ratio

Engine Theory - Valves

Engine Theory - Valve Timing

V6 Head Gasket or Oil Cooler Failure?

What is the normal V6 running temperature?


Background info about oils

Oil Specifications


Differences in 2.5 and 2.6 Heads

The Difference Good Petrol and Cleaners Make To Head Condition

Aircon Layout pic

Engine (Electrical and Engine Management)


Knock Sensors

Lamda Sensors

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor

Fuel Injectors

Inside the 2.5 TD ECU

Code Reading

Code Readers

The Paperclip / Pedal Test

Common faults

Crank Sensor Variations

Sensors and ECU

Cat efficiency on 2.6/3.2


Engine Relay Box layout

V6 Engine Bay Layout

Suspension and Steering

Steering, Suspension, tram lining & tyre wear issues

Front Suspension Parts Identification

Suspension noises or pulling

Why Camber is an issue on Omegas


Tyre Pressures

Tyre Markings

Tyre Size Calculator (Not OOF site)

Non Engine Electrical

Omega CD players -v- Recordable CD Media

Omega Bose Amp, Speakers Sub & Layout etc.

Omega Display Types

Elite Seat Wiring

Facelift 3 button fobs

Cabin Fusebox Layout

MID Programming Codes

Different types of CD Changer fitted to Prefacelift cars

What lights bulbs do I need?

Legal position on retrofitting HIDs


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