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Is my air conditioning performance OK


Kevin Wood:
The following table gives the expected air temperature at the face vents for an air conditioning system in satisfactory condition for various conditions of ambient temperature and humidity. The following conditions should be established in order to achieve a consistent measurement:

Engine running
Climate in Auto mode
Right and Left temperature : "LO" selected
Air distribution to face vents
Recirculation OFF
Front and Rear doors open
ECO mode OFF
Run engine for 15 minutes with bonnet closed
Increase engine speed to 1500 RPM for 5 minutes
All air vents open
Measure flow temperature at central face vents

All temperatures quoted in degrees Centigrade

Ambient TempHumidityFlow Temp1550%5-102050%6-112090%9-142550%8-132580%11-163040%10-153070%15-203540%13-183570%19-24


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