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Crank Sensor Variants (esp 2.5 V6 (X25XE))


Crank Sensor Variants for 2.5 V6 X25XE Engines

Crank sensors for 2.5 litre Omega V6 engines can be either of two sensor-head types, which fit interchangeably into the engine`s recess and both of which are terminated with identical 'oval' style plugs.

However, these sensors are not 'practically' interchangeable in function and you must therefore be certain to obtain the correct sensor for your engine, the Vauxhall EPC cannot be relied upon (in this instance) to provide precise selection using registration number or model year information, and it is therefore best that you visually check, and only fit exactly the same model of sensor that was originally installed on your engine.

To assist in your correct selection I have annotated photographs of both crank sensors with their appropriate Vauxhall EPC numbers.

The crank sensor: 'Siemens' 90492061 is the one that a Vauxhall parts agent (using EPC*) will probably insist is applicable for ALL of the 2.5 V6`s.....this is NOT the case, as many later 2.5`s were fitted with the 'Bosch' 90540743, which is also applicable to the Y26SE, X30XE and Y32SE engine variants.

*If looking at the Vauxhall EPC: Omega-B, P17-1....Item 10 is the Siemens, item 11 is the Bosch.

Both the Siemens and the Bosch sensor models are 'physically' interchangeable (by both size and connections), but if one is fitted to an engine which actually requires the other, that engine may still run, but have poor idling characteristics, suffer stalling and hard starting, not run at all, or suffer idling/starting/stalling issues, often only beginning some weeks after the fitting of the incorrect (new) sensor.

Invariably the fault code 19 (Incorrect RPM) will be stored, and if following recent fitment of a new crank sensor to an X25XE, and stalling, idling or starting issues emerge, along with any (new) stored fault code 19`s; it would be prudent to double-check that you have fitted the correct sensor, before assuming a new crank sensor to be faulty, or go chasing any other possible causes.

As far as this writer is aware, if your V6 engine is equipped with a crank sensor fitted with a 'square' type connector; the above information is NOT applicable to your vehicle.

N.B: Credit and thanks to forum member AndyC for providing the Vauxhall part-number information used in this article.

This article is primarily aimed at the X25XE engine, but is useful for anyone ordering, or having crank sensor issues - ensure you have the correct one :y


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